The color of Jews

For many years I have been writing about perceived racism within the Interior Ministry of Israel. I was somewhat hopeful that when the Ministry changed hands and was placed under the authority of a non-religious political party things would change.
  I had the chance to raise the issue with the Minister himself (Gideon Saar, who left office just about a week ago).  He assigned his assistant, Eran Davidi, to work with me.  How much progress was made?  None.  In an upcoming blog I will share the way this ministry has stalled on its obligation to recognize those who are Jewish – at least as far as Israeli law is concerned - when their color is not white. This, in turn, has caused suffering to those Jews who wait to have some resolution.

This Blog presents the case of the Mosley family.  They prepared for conversion within the context of the official conversion program in Kansas City. Their sponsoring rabbi is a well known and respected rabbi within the Reform Movement. They are currently affiliated with the Masorti congregation in Ashkelon.

The family has been left hanging with limited access to work and health benefits.  In addition to all described in the timeline below provided by the family – they are being sued for 70,000NIS by the Barzilai Hospital.

The attorneys for IRAC, Nicole Maor in particular, have been very much involved in the legal aspects of the case.  Attorney fees would otherwise have been many thousands of dollars. One thing is certain: Skin color aside, this family should have been treated as any other family that has gone through a conversion by a recognized Beit Din (and yes, to all of those who would bash non-Orthodox Batei Din, the State of Israel is obligated by law to recognize them). But they have not been treated as others. Below you will find a Timeline (prepared by the family in their own words) describing what they have been through. And still they wait for their rights as a Jewish family to live in the Jewish State.  You may show your support by contacting the familyat: [email protected]

Mosley Family Timeline as provided by the Family

February 2007-March 2008 - Mosley Family begins "Introduction to Judaism" course at Bnai Yehudah in Overland Park, Kansas. After completion of the course, continued extensive studies and participation within the Jewish community. We the Mosley family after much consideration decided to convert to Judaism. Our family started to have collective and individual meetings with our senior Rabbi Arthur Nemitoff. We also attended: High holy days, hagim, weekly torah study(Beit Midrash), Social community events which included Tzedakah, Kabbalat  Shabbat and Shacharit Shabbat.

March 2008 - After 13 months of being apart of the Jewish Community and having several meetings with our Senior Rabbi Arthur Nemitoff deemed us ready to become a part of the Jewish People. 

April 2008 - Mosley Family converts to Judaism: The Mikveh is held at Kehilath Israel Synagogue in Overland Park, Kansas. This includes David and Jermaine's Hatafat dam-brit. The entire family is immersed in the Mikveh and the process is concluded with a Beit Din (It was officiated by Reform Rabbi Arthur Nemitoff, Rabbi Neal Shuster, Cantor Sharon Khan and Conservative Rabbi Jeffrey Sharon).

June 2008 - Ezekiel Mosley is born to David and Shanora Mosley. Eight days after birth brit milah is performed at  Congregation Bnai Yehudah. 

July 2008 - Yael Mosley is born to Jermaine and Akilah Mosley.

February 2009 - David and Jermaine Mosley visit Israel.

March 2009 - The Mosley family speaks with Senior Rabbi  Nemitoff, about making aliyah to Israel. He suggested we get in contact with Nefesh B' Nefesh (NBN).

May 2009 - First contact with Illinois Shaliach (representative).

June 2009 - Mosley Family meet withshaliach in St. Louis, Missouri. We were interviewed about our decision to live in Israel. After the interview we then provided all necessary documentation needed to process our aliyah application.

July 2009 - June 2010 - Weekly calls are made to the Shaliach in Illinois about aliyah status. No new updates are reported.  

December 2009 - Uriel Mosley is born to David and Shanora Mosley. Eight days after birth brit milah is performed at  Congregation Bnai Yehudah.

March 2010 - Simcha Mosley is born to Jermaine and Akilah Mosley.

July 2010 - The Mosley family receives a letter stating: " Your aliyah processing and approval must take place directly through the Ministry of Interior in Israel."


July 2010 - March 2011 - The Mosley family speaks with a representative of the Jewish Agency. She was most helpful and forthcoming but unable to obtain any additional information from the Interior Ministry.

April/May 2011 – The representative of the Jewish Agency visits Israel and speaks with the Ministry of Interior. No new information is received regarding our application process desite the good efforts of the Jewish Agency.

September 2011  The continued miscommunication propels the Mosley Family to move to Israel and finish Aliyah process.

October 2011 - Jermaine and Akilah Mosley welcome third child-- Baruch Mosley-- through a homebirth instructed by midwife Ilana Shemesh without medical coverage. Eight days after birth brit milah is held at their residence. 

November 2011 - Mosley Family starts attending Kehillat Netzach Israel, a Masorti  Beit Knesset in Ashkelon. 

December 2011 - Mosley family continues to seek citizenship under the Law of Return through the Ministry of Interior offices in Ashkelon, Israel.

December 2011 - Mosley family has meeting with I.R.A.C attorney Nicole Maor who agrees to represent them.

February 2012 - Shanora Mosley (David Mosley's wife) is admitted to Barzilia Emergency Hospital due to pregnancy complications. While in the Hospital Shanora has an emergency cesarean section. Yekira Mosley is born at 31 weeks.  Shanora receives several major treatments, such as: an emergency c-section, hysterectomy, and a blood transfusion (7 pints of blood).  Shanora slowly recovers but can't leave the hospital for 2 weeks. Shanora is advised by the doctors to bed rest for weeks with minimum physical activity. Recovery lasts up to a year. Due to lack of medical insurance, Shanora is only able to keep one appointment with a physician.

February-October 2012 - Yekira Mosley has many complications after birth and must be admitted to the hospital three times due Pneumonia, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), and Pertussis (Whooping Cough).

June 2012 - Emma and David Mosley meet with the Ministry of Interior regarding application status.

July 2012 - Jermaine Mosley meets with the Ministry of Interior regarding application status.

September 2012 - Ministry of Interior denies the Mosley family request to live in Israel and give them 30 days to leave the country.

October 2012 - Nicole Maor submits a petition to the State Attorney to allow the Mosley family to stay in Israel. The petition was granted.

Akilah Mosley begins studies at Bar Ilan University through the Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing.

November 2012 - Nicole met with the State Attorney and Ministry of Interior to discuss the Mosley family's Aliyah request.

December 2012 - Due to its failure to provide an answer from the Ministry of Interior and State Attorney for the conditional order (Aliyah request) - A temporary order is given to David and Jermaine Mosley to receive temporary work visas.

January 2013 - Ministry of Interior requests to meet and interview Shanora and Akilah Mosley regarding Aliyah process.

February 2013 - Shanora and Akilah Mosley meet the Ministry Of Interior regarding application status.

May/June 2013 - Due to no answer from the State Attorney Nicole submits request for conditional order through the court system to allow the Mosley family to receive citizenship in Israel.

July 2013 - The request to go to court for the Conditional order for the Mosley family is granted. The date for court hearing is pending and court goes into recess until September.

September 2013 - January 2014 - Nicole checks the status of the date for the court hearing. There were no new updates so Nicole sent a request to Supreme Court Judge Jubran twice to expedite a court date for the Mosley family but no date was given.

January/February 2014. Nicole sends another request to the State Attorney for a court date. A court date for a hearing was set for July 23, 2014.

March 2014 - Akilah Mosley gives birth to fourth child, Ezra Mosley, through homebirth instructed by midwife Ilana Shemesh. Ezra Mosley was born breached at home. Akilah Mosley has after birth complications  but has no  medical coverage. Eight days after birth brit milah is held at Kehilat Netzach Israel  our Masorti Beit Knesset.

Nicole sends request for earlier court date, an earlier date was granted.(April 10, 2014)

April 2014 - Mosley family begin Court Hearings. The State Attorney and The Ministry of Interior have to give the court an update regarding the criteria of conversion. The  due date for the criteria is May 15th. The Court have also ordered our case to be rescheduled no later than July 30th.

Emma Mosley is admitted for two weeks in Barzilia Hospital due to an autoimmune disease.

July 2014 - Aliyah Mosley (David and Shanora's daughter) has a Bat Mitzvah which was held at Kehilat Netzach Israel.

 Second Court Hearing. State Attorney request more time to define up to date criteria of conversion.

Emma's first visit to the free refugee clinic, "Physicians for Human Rights" in Tel Aviv.

Shanora's first visit to free clinic "Physicians for Human Rights" in Tel Aviv. Due to chronic pain and other health related issues.

August 2014 - Akilah's first visit at refugee clinic "Physicians for Human Rights" in Tel Aviv due to continual bleeding after birth.

Aliyah's first visit at refugee clinic "Physicians for Human Rights" in Tel Aviv due to health problems

October 2014 - Ezekiel and Kefira Yael Mosley are told they may be expelled from Sinai school due to lack of a Teudat Zehut. Contacted Nicole Maor for assistance.

November 2014 - December 2014 awaiting for a decision for a final Court Hearing. 

Highlights and Accomplishments:

Our children are currently attending highly respected religious schools in Ashkelon. Makeef Bet(Aliyah), Sinai(Ezekiel and Kefira Yael), and Gan Argamon(Uriel and Simcha).

Akilah Mosley will be receiving her Masters Degree in Creative Writing with a concentration in poetry at the end of December 2014.

David and Jermaine Mosley has been gainfully employed since receiving work visas in December 2012. We have since learned skills and trades to further our professional careers.

Emma Mosley who is an elderly woman has to be tested bi-weekly since being diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease. Without national insurance she has to receive, medication and treatment from the free Refugee clinic - Physicians for Human Rights - in Tel Aviv - Yaffo. In conjunction with going to the Refugee clinic she has to receive her blood work from Ichilov Hospital as well. She can spend up to 12 hours each time due to traveling and doctor/clinical visits.

Our family again thanks  Rabbi Sacks, Nicole Maor and IRAC, Rabbi Nemitoff,  the Kehillat Netzach Israel family and the Whole Masorti Movement for your full support. We are hoping to receive the same support from others near and abroad.