Standing Before the Gate to Jerusalem's Golden Anniversary

 The Jerusalem unification day is approaching rapidly and I feel like this should be a different anniversary. We Israelis collectively need a breakthrough, we need to reconnect to our original vision of creating a State for all of its citizens with Jerusalem as its capital, shining its light to its citizens and the world.

When we got back to the land of our foremothers and forefathers we envisioned to create here a model community, a State based on the Jewish and ecumenical values. You shall love your neighbor as thyself being a central backbone of our tradition.

I wonder:  What is the breakthrough I desperately seek for Jerusalem at its golden anniversary of unification?

At my weekly coaching session while at a deep relaxed state I saw an image of myself as being Jerusalem's old city. Surrounded by walls, my gates open to the world to come close and approach. However, when I looked at the image again, through my mind's eye, I saw that there was one gate which was closed. No-one could approach me via that gate.

I needed to open my Gate of Mercy. And what is the key, my coach asked, to open that Gate? Mercy I responded and Love. I needed to break down the walls that block my heart from loving; Not to withhold my love based on nationality and religion. To be able to love a German, to be able to love an Arab, to be able to love the other. And thinking about my shut Gate of Mercy, I sense that for the breakthrough to occur at a communal, national level, we each need to do the work of opening our hearts; to our fellow citizens, from different backgrounds, colors, nationalities, religions, gender, political views and sexual orientation.

We the startup nation, need to not only grant the Mobileye technology from Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, this beloved city that we hold dear in our hearts and prayers is asking of us to render her a startup to loving one's neighbor as oneself, a startup to compassion and cooperation among its communities. Because only then, when her different parts come together in unison, will she be shalem.

In Jewish tradition we have the notion of the Messiah who is expected to come to redeem us through the Gate of Mercy.

Let us bring down the closures, roadblocks and walls of our hearts and embrace each other. Perhaps then, after we have done the work of healing the pain nesting in our hearts, we will be freed from withholding our love.  And then the Gate of Mercy, the Golden Gate walled up since medieval times will burst open for love and cooperation to come through to unify the city in an exquisite, golden, embrace.