A House Divided

We have enough problems in the United States, to deal with the issues being raised by the alt left.  Today the Washington Post which is supposed to be a real staunch patriot of our democracy took another shot at the Trump administration. The American public is starting to get exhausted of the partisanship that is going on in the media. We have big issues to solve, and Trump has an agenda and is being derailed by this news generated through leaks and manufacturing of news.  Yes, the intelligence community is not happy that director Comey was asked to step down by the president in the United States. It is his prerogative to appoint people he believes are good for the United States.
This past day the administration is being accused of leaking information to the Russians on codeword information.  The President himself has the right to unclassified any information including this codeword information at his discretion to protect the United States. 
Their argument is that this could hurt the codeword program and could affect the intelligence so than when they connect the dots any particular item it might be able to lead to the source and the methods.  John McMaster in a statement said that there were no sources or the methods disclosed and no military operations.  This is a  revolt by the alt left in the intelligence community  As he and  Rex Tillerson who were present at the meeting that the President did not give up any information that would put this country at risk.  This could not destroy the codeword program or relationships with the other nations.  The Russian investigation has done more to hurt the agenda then the codeword program disclosure.  All the reporting is that US Press was not in the room.  There is a reason, just look at what's going on.  In October 2015 the Russians lost people through an attack on one of their aircraft.  It is only fair that the President warn  Russia about the risks.  If Russia had this information and Isis brought down one of our commercial airlines we would be extremely