TEL AVIV - Everything changes, but nothing changes

In a letter to my kids who are בחוץ לארץ, outside of Israel:
Dear Children -
Thank you for your concern.  Tel Aviv was horrific, but the paradigm is not a new one.  While the slaughter was going on, I was with a group of Anglos in Nahariya.

We had gathered by an apartment building located at 19 Balfour Street.  In 1974 this building was the site of a terrorist attack in which a mother and her two children aged 5 and 12 were murdered.


We walked around the building; Motti Zarenkin who lost his wife, son and daughter that tearful night began his story. Our group then moved to a nearby synagogue where Motti continued with his story.




This was the first time that Motti chose to tell his story. It was riveting. We were honored to have been selected to hear it. Motti is truly a man; he is resolute, a role model for all us Jews. Motti makes me proud to be an Israeli Jew. 

I love you all,