The Winter of Anti-Semitism


Winter is here. 

We know all the signs. The land is hardening and squalls blow anew. 
Anti-Semitism is seasonal and inevitable. The time is not to tale stock; now is to take refuge. 
Refuge is within our state. A state, a life ship, able to withstand the storm and buffeting. 
Our vessel must be ready to accept its cargo and set to sea. Our refuge is the State of Israel; the port is the Land of Israel. We will set sail in the State; we will not remain on the Land — the deluge will sweep us away. 
Our State, the Jewish State, must be ready. And it is not. We must solve all our inherent difference. Unity and a sense of purpose will save us. A cohesion built between those who see themselves not as Jews but Israelis. Israel is the Jewish State. The vessel that is Israel must be viable. Only a State for all its sailors will survive the storm. 
 Israel must only be for the Israelis by the Israelis and with the Israeli. Not only Jews; not one kind of Jews — but only Israelis. 
We must prepare, we must batten down, and we must be lean and mean. We must define our borders to include Israeli and only Israelis. Within our bulwarks, there will be order and social contracts.
Now is not the time to plot in foreign ports; now is not the time to discuss the climate of change. Now is not why but what. 
The emphasis is the State of Israel, our vessel of survival. When we disembark — after the storm — we can re-enter the land. 
Now is the time for social reform. Now is the time of unity and direction. 
Winter is here, and migration is at hand. And we are not ready.

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