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Biden wants to deepen Israel's integration in region- White House

“Any normalization of any kind is a long process. But looking for progress and momentum in that direction is certainly something we are focused on,” said US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan

As the US steps back on abortion, here’s the situation in the MENA region

88% of women in the Middle East and North Africa live in countries with restrictive abortion laws.


US Homeland Sec. warned Abraham Accords could destabilize region in 2020

The release of the intel report comes amid US President Joe Biden’s much-awaited July trip to the Middle East, including Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Much has changed in the Middle East since Biden's last visit - analysis

One major change in the region is the shift from the global war on terror the US was waging to the new power of states.

Bahraini activists find common ground with Israelis on country-wide tour

During the first delegation of Bahrainis organized by the NGO Sharaka, young Bahraini influencers had their preconceptions of Israel challenged - and laid the foundation for more meaningful peace.

‘Enemies and Allies:’ Evangelical author tackles faith, peace in Mideast

Joel Rosenberg: “Christians were given a front-row seat for history in the making.”

Erdan: Israel-Bahrain deal marks historic day for Israel, the Arab world

Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi welcomed on Friday Bahrain agreeing to establish full diplomatic relations.

 Netanyahu speaking at the UN

Something good is happening

Today, perhaps like no other time, there is a real chance of disarming North Korea and preventing the nuclearization of Iran. That is the main issue of our time.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks in Tel Aviv, Israel February 14, 2018

Will Netanyahu’s scandal impact Middle East stability?

Netanyahu outlasted many of his opponents, from Ahmadinejad in Iran to extremists like Nouri al-Maliki in Iraq.

Shas MK Yigal Guetta

Middle Israel: Person of the year

He showed all Israeli fanatics how to distinguish between civil debate and civil war.

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