Israel and the West must stand together

The horrid attacks that took place in Paris are a sign of an invariable truth that we can no longer deny. The precipices of evil which Israel has always fought against have once again rooted out in Europe, which is evident that the heinous, hateful, and nefarious extremists are starting to retaliate at the U.S backed coalition for its valiant efforts in Syria and Iraq.
The question now- the one which we must ask is whether people will realize that Israel and the West must stand together against the threat which seeks to erode the very columns that bind our societies together: liberty, democracy, women's rights, free speech, freedom of association and so many others that they know nothing of?
The offenses that these attacks have brought unto the world, not just in Paris but a myriad of other cities, are not meant to be only the senseless death of innocents at the hands of brutes, no they wish to erode ideals that they cannot conceive of- they seek to destroy the virtue of freedom.
The utter destruction that is unfolding in Syria and Iraq has so many layers of complexity to it as of this moment, that our best bet of defining what is actually happening is to equate it to a sinking ship-yet do we abandon it? Or do we continue to fight evil?
The time for Chamberlainian policies and politics in regards to the vicissitudes that plague the Middle East must come to an end. If Israel and the West will truly find peace, they must put their differences aside and work together and realize that the common thread that unites them is a belief in the liberty of man. The ideals that bind Western nations together, and that have made them prosperous are not present in these nations and societies- all of which have always lived in despotism, totalitarianism, and utter violence.
"Israel stands shoulder to shoulder with President François Hollande and with the French people in the joint war against terrorism," Netanyahu said, "I offer the condolences of the people of Israel to the families of those murdered, and wish those wounded a speedy recovery."
Hollande, the president of France, declared a state of emergency on Friday and later said that this was an “act of war” on the part of ISIS, and that France will be “merciless.” We must come to terms with a truth that most have been avoiding, a truth that needs to be said; the time for apology has long been made unnecessary by the pugnaciousness of these attacks.
If the horrific attack on Hebdo was not enough last year, and the unthinkable events that took place last week are not enough to remind you that this is not simply a political group, this is not a nation, or a religion, or a group of people. No. This is an ideology of hate, envy, and ignorance. These are the very core reasons why countries in the West, and Israel will always be under attack. For they stand for the virtues that individuals as those attackers will never understand, and never try to.
Israel and the West must stand together. As it has always been the case to call out xenophobia when such discussion comes to the forefront, I humbly remind you to take a look at my own name, and understand that the point is not to rile different ethnic and religious groups against each other, but to understand that there is evil in this world that wishes to erode our freedoms. These are egregious acts that offend all of humanity, and cannot be tolerated.