Sanders Levin; “done studying”…my career 1st..US and Israel 2nd

The NYT is reporting that Sanders Levin (D Michigan) will support the Iran agreement. Levin, apparently still living on the stale fumes of his past victories against WASP backed anti Semities of the Henry Ford era is the epitome of a court Jew. 

Regardless of the FACT that the downside of the proposed agreement far outweighs the tenous and unlikely upside, Levin is choosing political ambition over the decades of professed loyalty to the security of the US and Israel. There are not words harsh enough to describe this shameful perfidy.

No matter how obvious the flaws of the agreement are :

1.) $150 Billion will be made available to fund terror and aggression.

2.) Iran will cheat......then what????

3.) Snapping back effective sanctions will be impossible.

4.) Iran will emerge from the agreement as a far more formidable enemy.

Levin like other politicians is an inveterate and instinctual "calculator". Thirty-three years in Congress validates this observation. It's almost as difficult to run the numbers on the probability that going away for the weekend and leaving your 16 year old son in charge of the house will result in disaster. This is agreement is that shaky. You wouldn't do that. Why should a Member entrusted with the responsibility for your security refuse to oppose this ruinous agreement?

We will remember Congressman Levin and others like him who fortuitously announced that they would study the contents of the Iran agreement before acting. We got the "code" now.