Dear Allan

     American Jews NEVER experienced even 5% of Russian antisemitism. This is the reason why they totally lost sense of danger and uniting today with the sworn Jewish enemy - Muslims, who are already forcing French Jews out of France. My French Jewish sister-in-law just visited and I wish you could hear her stories.

      American Left-wing Jews today are viciously attacking new President, who wants to stop Muslim invasion equal to an invasion of Muslims into major European countries.
      The majority of Muslims are cell phone refugees, "Ahmed, do not accept refugee status in France, here in Germany they give you much more money and apartment immediately!" calls Mohamed to his cousin in Tunisia. Without cell phones, not Ahmed no Mohammed would even learn, that in France, Germany, Sweden they can eat and live better while DOING NOTHING than in any Shittistan of theirs even having a job.
      In Germany the most in-demand merchandise now are steel shutters for windows, because Muslim migrants break windows, rob houses, and rape women. It is impossible to punish and imprison them. They claim that they all are underage. Courts can not verify their age. They have no documents. So much hope for extreme vetting.
      Left leaning bureaucrats from huge and powerful American Jewish non-profits ADL and HIAS want to bring to the United States  - the only asylum for the Jews besides Israel, Muslims, whose sacred book Koran demands to kill the Jews anywhere they see them. The poisoning of American university campuses with anti-Semitism by Muslim students in last two decades already made attending the universities for Jewish children such a hell, that Jewish parents are organizing workshops for freshmen "How to withstand anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish attacks on campus".
      The famous anti-Semitic pogrom as I witnessed on the campus of SFSU in 2002 done by Palestinian Arabs would not be possible even in the Soviet Union. Police would be called and they would be arrested.  I watched Anti-Israeli attacks and events organized by left-wing Jews. They happily invited and led inept Palestinians. They taught them how to attack small pro-Israeli groups with more efficiency
Read my article "College Film Festival: Kill the Jews" http://archive.frontpagemag.com/readArticle.aspx?ARTID=14999
     This is totally surrealistic. Left wing Jews, who turned blind eye to horrific antisemitism on campuses, brought by Palestinian Arabs studying on American  money, the same left-wing Jews, who themselves encouraged and organized anti-Israeli turned into anti-Semitic conferences, ending up as pogroms, suddenly started to blame for antisemitism new American President who does everything to save them and their children from their future executors.
      A few months ago coming from synagogue on Shabbat I was crossing San Francisco Golden Gate Park with a few Jewish friends in yarmulkas. We saw big Muslim family, which demonstratively turned their backs to us facing their minivan and stood in this silent ritual of hatred until we passed. And they are doing this while they are the minuscule minority at least in San Francisco. Can you imagine what they will do in increased numbers? Spit in our faces? Push us out of sidewalk? Throw stones at us?
      American Jewry supposed to kiss Trump's hand, because he defends them from their own stupidity, stopping Muslim "refugees", banning people from the countries which not only forbade entrance for Israelis, but entrance for any person from any country, who even once visited Israel.
      Unfortunately, I came to the very sad conclusion: American Jews, who abandoned Judaism long ago, like a heard of blind sheep are searching in the wilderness of heresies, one of which is the socialist messianic cult (Obama and Bernie Sanders served as idols). Instead of "Schema Israel" they pronounce shamanistic words like "globalization" "social justice", "diversity", climate change"  Considering that misery loves the company they cling to togetherness (Hillary's "Together we are stronger!). Because they lost faith in G-d, they feel unprotected and falling into any movement, which gives them an illusion of lost with Judaism sense of protection. As the crowd of cowards, they join any enemy without even trying to beat it. Like it was not enough to join the false messianic communist cult for century, now they are dreaming for alliance with Muslims.
      I had a fantastic experience communicating with Rosenbergs' son Meerpol, who is still a communist and his children are lawyers for Palestinian Middle Eastern Alliance. Classical lefty Jew, whose communist parents were electrocuted for betraying America. Now their children provide legal help to sworn enemies of Israel.  Being traitors runs in this family blood.
      Unfortunately, American left wing Jews behave like Rosenbergs, betraying Israel and Jewish people with their support of Palestinian Arabs and Muslims and destroying America with socialist- atheistic paganism.  They hate capitalism and Trump as its powerful embodiment. In their faulty messianic vision - socialism is paradise and capitalism is hell. So Trump became their anti-Christ. The anti-Trump hysteria has nothing to do with real Trump. It is the panic attack, quasi-religious mass hysteria and fear of Trump as a nightmarish Satan. 
      Daniel Pearl, the American-Jewish journalist, beheaded by Pakistani Muslims because of his childish trust and gullibility, supposed to be a good warning to American left-wing Jews. They need to stop abetting to their enemy and stop to attack the only President, who is ready and capable of defending them.