Live healthy

The internet gives us boundless advice on how to lead better and healthier lives. We should eat a banana every day for potassium, an orange for vitamin C, an apple of course, although I don’t remember exactly why, lots of fiber for digestion, an aspirin for our heart – or is for the blood, I really don’t know, two liters of water, one glass of red wine because the French drink it and they are healthy, and some beer, I don’t exactly remember what this is for.
Furthermore: We should eat small meals, four to five each day and wait three hours between them. We should chew every bite 50 times, which means we would be occupied about 5 hours every day with eating.
We should brush our teeth after each meal and even better, floss them, which would add to the 5 hours, depending on how much time you dedicate to this.
In addition, we should walk at least half an hour every day and do some resistance exercises in order to keep our muscle tone, which hasn’t been great for years. In reality not since the time we left youth behind.
It is also advised that we read at least two newspapers each day and maybe also a magazine which should enable us to compare all news and at least get the essence out of it all which should keep us informed as to what goes on in the world, because after all we are part of it. We should also solve a crossword puzzle, a sudoku, join a group to play scrabble, all this to keep our minds alert.
Oh, among the recommended food, I forgot one essential, the yogurt. In addition to its calcium content, it’s good for many other things which I don’t remember. For entertainment it is advised to watch TV two hours, not more, because the programs are so bad and watching a lot of it would turn us into unintelligent couch potatoes.
For our social life we should never neglect our friends who need daily attention just like our plants. Oh, yes, watering our plants is recommended  for our peace of mind, while “watering” our friends with attention may not always be beneficial but we should do it anyway.
Eight hours of sleep are definitely necessary in order to provide energy and strength for the day ahead. Now I am not very good at math, but a superficial calculation gives me a 29 hours day during which I am all the time busy with my healthy life. It may leave a small margin of 2 or 3 minutes for unplanned, impulsive and spontaneous activities which are just for fun and have nothing to do with healthy life.
Oh, I nearly forgot, we should also drink green tea, and maybe I forgot this because I hate the taste of it and there limits to what I am prepared to do for a healthy life. One could perhaps combine the green tea with the wine the yogurt the beer and some water and get it all done in one stroke. If one gets sick from all that, one can always call the doctor, provided he is not on strike.
Well, I do see multi tasking as a solution, I could have the banana together with the yogurt which actually would taste good. I could take along my cell and while walking I would talk, or as the internet says, “water” my friends. I could also take my shower with an open mouth and swallow at least part of the recommended 8 glasses of water. And I could listen to the news on the radio while cutting my salad, provided I am careful and use a dull knife.
Years ago when I worked in an office, took care of the house, a husband, the kids, the animals I thought that I really had a busy day, but compared to what I should do in order to keep myself healthy, this is really not worth mentioning.
By sharing all this information with you, I also multitask, since I give you all those useful tips while at the same time I “water” you all, who are my friends.