Comey and Le Pen: Casualties of the War Between Neoliberal and Deplorable

James Comey gave a speech to his LA office, the news on the TVs announced his firing. Comey thought he was a victim of an elaborate prank. Amidst the laughter, he was taken to the FBI offices seven blocks away by Trump’s personal bodyguard, who read James Comey a matter-of-fact and sarcastically gracious letter that only Trump could have conceived:

Cameras followed Comey to a private plane. Within a few hours, the left and the establishment neoliberal class, in a state of genuine confusion (as they wanted Comey gone a few months earlier) theorized about the timing of the dismissal, suggesting Trump was sabotaging the Russian collusion investigation.

May 10th, 2017

Trump met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak at the White House. Kislyak is the ingeniously evil Putin loyalist that led to Mike Flynn’s ousting. Making matters even more odd, Trump was aided by Hillary’s ally, Henry Kissinger, you know Nixon’s skirt-chasing Secretary of State, who invented the globalist policy of making strange bedfellows (Mao, Soviet Union General Secretary Brezhnev, Pinochet) in the service of a cybernetic theory of balance of power between nations called realpolitik. I guess you could call this trolling of the highest order.

James Comey is the status-quo incarnate. He is the encapsulation of everything that is wrong in the world. When everything is politicized, including a leftist initiative to make choke-proof hot dogs and a march for leftist policies and the death of religion masked as a march for science, it becomes increasingly difficult to trust those in government making claims of objectivity. Post-Bush number 2, the FBI has been endowed with extraordinary powers. The hearsay is that Comey used those powers to intimidate opposition.

On the surface, he injected himself into last November’s historic election calling for the Democrats to demand his dismissal. First he said Hillary was under investigation, then acknowledged the illegality of the email scandal, exaggerating the number of emails and the illegality, before saying Hillary broke the law. Since in his view he deemed her intentions as pure, he decided there was no reason to prosecute. I was not aware that purity of intention was a reason for legal immunity. Trump’s calls to “lock her up,” if immoral, were probably legally substantial.

When he started to question Trump’s credibility with unsubstantiated Russia collusion stories, aside what is clearly known about Russia Today playing a role in Trump’s election, he became an arm of the left protecting the powers of his institution that the Bannon arm of the White House want to by all indications expand, as long as they’re not being used to destroy Trump’s initiatives. The problem has nothing to do with the Trump administration, but a refusal to kiss Trump’s ass.

James Comey has no business in such a delicate position of power. He shouldn’t be campaigning for legislation or political candidates, while he extols his own virtues, describing the moment each day when he looks to a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. as a reminder not to abuse his powers, like the FBI had to King half a century before. He’s not running for office. No one wants to see the human side of an intelligence director. He’s supposed to feign neutrality.

Aside from being a drama queen, like both sides of the aisle these days, Comey has little respect for the law or due process. Trying to push ideological aims, he has a Machiavellian devotion to his own interests in spite of the socially liberal virtue signaling. That’s why the FBI, along with the CIA and NSA, practiced tracking the digital records of millions of Americans and Obama’s cowardice is why they won’t clamp down on the search to a smaller number to have a chance in hell of combatting actual terror suspects.

A few years ago, Comey lied about the Surveillance States of America by suggesting that since the tech and phone companies are the ones storing the information, the culture has changed. Phone records are requested routinely, but God knows what’s going on. They’re unaccountable, unelected and by all accounts unsuccessfully, as they take away our civil liberties. General Michael Hayden below illuminates that the only change post-Snowden is voluntary in line with an Obama PR policy, “and by the way we (intelligence community) can change our mind at any time…”


This of course is not a concern of Trump. He wants the unconstitutional power of the intelligence communities that Obama had and he wants to push the petal to the metal, but it was highly unusual for him to fire an FBI director.

Both James Comey and Marine Le Pen feel like emblematic of our time, wherein the powers that be seek to take down dangerous forces of change. After being nudged left for decades by the elites, the far right (including populists like Trump who are in reality incompetent centrists) begin to fight back. No one in the center has been willing to fight for decades, since in America when a Republican politician insults a Democrat, he calls him a socialist and the Democrat proceeds to call the Republican a racist.

When normal people watch Trump talk, they see he is not racist. He started campaigning on the issues that could change these peoples’ lives for the better and they started to listen. They see the hypocrisy of a stuck-up media that takes a man who’s clearly half-joking half the time at face value. They know Trump is a conman and they don’t give a fuck. “He’s conning for America first you fucking libtard!”

While Le Pen was the leader of a party once led by an ardent Holocaust denier in the bygone era of 2002, who happened to be Marine’s father, Trump said something about Mexicans send rapists across the border once. Not exactly equivalent evils. Still, they are both nationalist leaders and judged with the same brush in the media. They are threats to the politically correct order of identity politics that shifts the nature of acceptable thought and opinion without opposition, for the opposition is afraid of being called racist.

In today’s world, policies don’t matter as much as perceptions. Though I don’t think Trump is racist misogynist, he’s assumed to be one. He is a narcissist, who by nature of running a business that runs like a dictatorship is confused when laws cause roadblocks, because he doesn’t know what the laws are yet. The constitution and liberal alarmists make sure he doesn’t take advantage of the executive branch that Obama and Bush successfully strengthened, while the country nearly destroyed itself.

The elites across party lines are joining together in spite of huge ideological differences to take down the likes of Trump, Farage, Le Pen and Wilders. Look at the #resistance where neocon millionaires and Hillary Clinton fight with Upper Middle class acolytes of pseudo-intellectual Chomsky, Zinn, Said and Butler spouting professors, feeling the weight of their oppression like the birthers of the The Handmaid’s Tale. These Nationalist leaders are so repugnant to the global neoliberal elites and leftists, mainly on a personality front that they sling their names through the mud with misinformation and exaggeration.

Not only do they have ultimate authority over 90% what is taught (explicitly teaching what to think instead of how to think), read, watched, listened to and promulgated with advertising, they elites make it their business to fight dirty. They share so many common interests (open borders for cheap labor, basic universal income to sustain commerce in an age of automation, identity politics, political correctness, market stability) that this group will be the source of autocracy in America if it ever comes. Since the left is entirely blind to their own errors, they don’t see that they put together a team of who most of the country actively hates. They still believe this will defeat Trump in 2020.


In Hillary’s attempts to appeal to the youth, all she has done is inherit the millennial victim mentality, complete with zero self-awareness. Trump is an assault on everything these earth-toned clad stoner paid protestors wear (I have no evidence of this highly likely Soros injection of money for protest, I just love pissing militant liberals off at this point!). It’s so clear people are disturbed by Trump’s taste and demeanor more than anything else. The right doesn’t care, because Trump wants the media to criticize him for Comey, so he can illustrate how hypocritical his opposition is.


Neoliberalism and automation created huge gaps in income and culture. While the left pushes their “regressive left” critical theory laden agenda, the middle class sees their paychecks shrinking and their bridges collapsing. They see the American Dream dying in their dilapidated houses, praying for their kids to get off opiates. The left sees Le Pen and Trump voters as racist, when in reality they are angry that they can’t get a new car or take their kids on vacation, while paying three times Mitt Romney’s 9% effective tax rate. They want to burn the government down and start from scratch, or just push the clock back 30 years. It has become a war between not so much ideals, but a desire to maintain something resembling the status quo (neoliberals) and righteously indignant bad taste (deplorables).

This week two major battles were won on both sides. The 39-year-old Macron butchered Marine Le Pen, a nationalist-socialist. The irony was not lost that Hitler had the same basic platform. President Trump fired CIA director James Comey with the inconceivable reasoning that he was unhappy with the way Comey handled the Clinton email investigation. The media played this clip, where Trump honors Comey’s bravery, of course making Trump look ridiculous.


They do neglect the part of the story just afterwards, not for lack of knowledge, but a conscious or unconscious decision to assume every decision Trump makes is the biggest scandal since Watergate. Everything is Nixonian. Trump was upset with Comey for clearing Clinton of charges that even Comey said were valid. Since it looked like he was going to lose the election, he was blaming the rigged system that Comey represented.


With that said, the timing makes absolutely no sense. Given the learning curve of Trump and his administration, my guess would be a combination of a sense of disloyalty from Comey and incompetence on the part of Trump. The left sees this as more evidence of the Trump-Russia collusion. There is no credible evidence for this, or the Russians hacking Clinton’s email, but the truth no longer matters.

So, what really happened this week? One old elite mad with abuse of power lost his job and the youngest leader of France since Napoleon Bonaparte took the reins of government with old-school establishment elitism and 64-year-old wife. The story is not so much the story. The story is about perception.

Perception management is the term for a foreign power gaining influence (or the US to a foreign power) to affect the beliefs and values of a country, you know, influence elections. While I have no doubt Russia Today and Eastern European for profit meme-droppers played some role in the election, I guess you would have to call that a trade-off of living in a largely ignorant country that is part of a global society. I’m much more concerned with the perceived threat of Russian perception management being used as a vessel to be biased to the point of conspiratorial about everything Trump does.

While the little I know about Marine Le Pen is horrifying, I’m more dismayed by the new trend of Conservative elites and liberals uniting against common enemies. An uninspired choice, Macron is like a young Hillary Clinton with an old wife. The guy is socially liberal in the corporatized globalist politically correct identity politics way and fiscally neoliberal. While many people abstained from voting, Macron had nearly as many conservatives voting for him as liberals. America had changed. France wanted to stay the same. Neither country seems better off. Macron is a gigantic victory for the order of institutional power, marking one of the rare times in modern history where all “sensible” Conservatives and Liberals united to take down a common populist threat. Basically, what journalists and conservative elites thought would happen to Trump actually happened to Le Pen. Does this say something about the countries or the tone of the interconnected global society. This war trumps ideology, religion, country and confuses everything that you thought you knew about both parties. The only principle is that no one has any principles.

Comey is a confusing mess of contradictions and a mess of contradictions for Trump. Trump is President but cannot exercise his powers, or gain anyone’s trust, even after passing just about everything the Democrats wanted and getting nothing in return. I assume firing Comey was trolling the Democrats, but if he was earnestly trying to garner their support, he should just give up. As I wrote last week in my science article, “Trump could employ every person in America at double the salary, broker peace in the Middle East and the elites would still be hounding him about Putin and “lies” which are almost always merely exaggerations of someone who wants the press to slaughter him for stupidity, so he can slam the press.” The only principle is that no one has any principles.