National Security and the Fall of the Roman Empire

Let’s not get into the many ways Trump’s ban was illegal and thoughtless. It’s over, it’s all too obvious and it has been covered everywhere. Like a baby who bites and screams, Trump is testing the limits of his power with his executive orders. Since we still live in America, the president is not all powerful and there is no threat of Trump bringing back The Third Reich, even if he wanted to. The problem with Trump thoughtlessly banning immigrants is that since virtually every person with a voice in our culture who isn’t paid by Rupert Murdoch opposes the ban, it opens a cavalcade of misinformed well-meaning interpretations. Angered by Trump, these liberal voices are quickly becoming intolerant of what they perceive as “intolerance.” When someone as liberal as Bill Maher is branded as a racist for being critical of Islam, it’s going to be impossible to fix the problem of global terrorism. 

The Super Bowl was a giant PR campaign for inclusivity meant to sway public opinion away from Trump and for Islamic refugees. While it seems heartless to let Syrian children get killed by ISIS, drowning in shoddy boats as they attempt to escape, no one blinks an eye at the thousands we kill will with drone strikes. No one seems bothered by the United States arming Saudi Arabia with 115 billion dollars of weapons while they arm ISIS, or care about giving Iran 150 billion dollars to pay similar extremist groups to fight ISIS and other Saudi proxy armies. No one is aware these are the forces really fighting in Syria and because we’re allied with Saudi Arabia, we’re on the wrong side and fighting our own proxy war against Russia. With emotional gusto, a campaign has been waged to accept Syrian refugees without blaming the previous administration for creating the crisis in Syria. This is Twilight Zone level mind control. For the millennials, this is Black Mirror level mind control and the terrorists are laughing at us as we brainwash the masses into loving Islam.

And if you’re not being controlled by the Sharia-loving fake feminists eschewing mainstream leftist values, you are controlled by our president and his constituents. Trump says and does so many irrational things it’s hard to keep up. You don’t have time to sift truth from fiction, unless you believe the media that says everything he has done is bad and wrong. It’s clear the Donald is making a mockery of our press corps, who have no idea how to react. He calls real news fake news and his closest advisor is one of the leading figures in the rise of fake news to add to the confusion. Sometimes he blatantly lies and makes crazy gaffes, while Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway find ways to present inarguable falsehoods as “alternative facts.”

Trump’s PR team is scurrying around like they work for King Joffrey, while he pisses off a different country every other day for no good reason. It seems like Trump’s weakness is that no matter how many times he makes the claim he’s “really smart,” unlike Putin he cannot present the absurd as intelligent and reasoned. I hope he has some strategies mapped out, but it doesn’t look like he does. With the left destroying itself before my eyes, maybe he doesn’t have to.

I’m actually afraid to comment on what the world has become since Trump became president, because America has become a gigantic safe-space. While I don’t believe in micro-aggressions, I know that if one triggers someone with them, they are branded as a bigot and a fascist. You see what happens at Berkeley when harmless alt-right provocateurs like Milo Yiannopoulos are labeled fascists. Oh, the irony. How do liberals not see that barring free speech is just as fascist as whatever Trump and Bannon are doing? How do they not see that blindly promoting the virtues of conservative Islam is supporting massive (to use a liberal world) systemic oppression?

While the travel ban was exercised hastily, the reaction from the left says a lot more about the state of the world than Trump’s ban. Both sides are misinformed and intolerant. Like Trump voters, liberals need to see the bleak world they have inherited for what it is if there’s any hope at making real change. While extolling virtues of inclusivity and truth, the left needs to begin uncovering the lies they are being fed by a superficial culture. Before the problems of the world can be cured, they need to be diagnosed properly.


Jesse Bogner is a twenty-eight year old author, screenwriter and journalist. His memoir and social critique, The Egotist, has been translated into four languages. In 2013, he moved from New York City, where he was born and raised, abandoning a decadent lifestyle chockfull of substance abuse, to study Kabbalah in Israel under Michael Laitman. Jesse is currently working on a post-apocalyptic Kabbalistic novel.