The busiest week we ever had: The Daily Blog, January 12 2012


One week, 3 states, 5 cities and I can''t count the number of programs.

It was the busiest week we had on the tour.

After driving more then 3,000 miles on the last 8 weeks we had to change the oil in our car this week.

Last Thursday we were in Munster, Indiana.

The same day We were in the middle of a 1 week in Chicago, Illinois.

On Friday we drove to Mdison, Wisconsin and on Saturday drove to Milwaukee.

After three wonderful days in Milwaukee we continued to Louiville, Kentucky.

We were lucky to have a wonderful weather that ended just today when we had some snow showers and we probably will have by tomorrow.

The forecast for Sunday looks wonderful. It is very importanat because then we have to start our way west.

We will head Kansas city, Kansas and will stop for one night in St. Louis, Missouri.

Our plans for the rest of the month seems to evolve nicely and we appreciate the help of our friends and cooperates who organize our programs with us.

We are facing great challenges now, on our way to the west: The weather, the chalenging programs and especially the financial needs of the project. We hope we can make everything as planned and keep on with our programs.

Chami Zemach. The Israeli Family Project