The Israeli Family Project: an introduction


Israeli families are new ambassadors of the Israeli people


Most of the people in the world know just a little about Israel and what they do know comes from the media that covers mostly the conflict in the Middle East. We know that Israel and the Israeli people are much more than the conflict but many important, exciting and meaningful Israeli issues are not familiar to most of the people around the world. 


So it happens that we - the Israelis – are being seen much different of what we really are. Those misconceptions influence much of Israel''s image in the world which makes it harder for us Israelis to have more tourism, foreign investments and to export more Israeli products. Only a small part of the world opposes Israel but most of the others are not supportive for Israel because they don''t really know who us. 


On Monday, August 1st 2011, one Israeli family started an independent campaign when they went on a one year journey around the world in order to improve the relationships between people around the world and Israel. There plan is to meet with as many people as they can in 27 countries and 4 continents in one year and to expose them to the contemporary story of the Israeli people. 


The Israeli Family Project is a unique initiative of Chami and Oksana Zemach, one Israeli couple from a small village in the Negev who decided to lead an influencing campaign that will change the way people around the world see Israel and the Israeli people. They initiated several unique programs for people and families of different backgrounds and ages. They do lectures, open discussions, music sessions, cooking sessions, school programs and debates. 


One of the most important principles in The Israeli Family Project is "To meet with everyone, everywhere", so The Israeli Family Story can be heard by everyone who wants to listen, in different communities, through all the diversities of the world. The Israeli Family Story is performed in schools, pre-schools, universities and colleges, synagogues and churches, conventions and special events. 


The Israeli Family Project attracts a lot of media coverage in many places around the world and the story of The Israeli Family finds its way to even more people.


The Israeli Family project website contains information in English, Hebrew and other languages about the project and the journey as well as many posts written by the initiators about their perspective on important Israeli issues. The Israeli Family Project holds a Blog on the Jerusalem Post website where you can find a weekly post in English. The Israeli Family page on Facebook is active daily and shares the activities the stories and initiatives of The Israeli Family Project. Many videos produced by The Israeli Family Project can be watched on You-tube in several languages. 


The successful and influencing Israeli Family Project is about to grow much bigger and much more influencing now as the Zemachs plan to recruit more Israeli families to become the new ambassadors for the Israeli people. They are also about to produce a new movie and a book about The Israeli society.                                                                                                                                


To support The Israeli Family Project please e-mail: [email protected]