The Swedish Intifada in Israel

On October 30 Sweden decided to abrogate the agreed-upon Oslo Accords by granting “Palestine” recognition without the Palestinian regime having to fulfill a single one of its many obligations. 
These legally binding obligations include:

1.    Cessation of racist indoctrination against Jews.

2.    Cessation of incitement to violence against Israel.

3.    A stop to Palestinian Arab terrorism.

4.    Recognition of the state of Israel within its agreed interim borders until a final-status agreement is reached through a negotiated settlement. The key word here is “negotiated”. Not unilateral, negotiated.

The new Left-wing Swedish government, a bunch of pitiful amateurs dabbling in statecraft and including hardened Islamists, extremists deported from Israel for violating anti-terror laws, an illegal Muslim immigrant, tax evaders, a gross violator of Sweden’s strict environmental laws (this is the Minister for the Environment!) and even one clairvoyant, decided that not one of the conditions of the Oslo Accords needed to be fulfilled by the Palestinian Arab coalition government.

This Palestinian Arab government consists of Fatah in Ramallah and Hamas in Gaza. The Gaza wing of the Palestinian regime has conducted three wars against Israel’s civilians since 2005, firing rockets and mortars indiscriminately on Israeli civilians, a total of 14,000 such missiles thus far. These attacks constitute a clear breach of the Oslo Accords and of the Geneva Conventions governing the rules of war between warring parties. The Fatah faction of the Palestinian coalition government, meanwhile, favours the murder of Jews by means of knifing attacks, arson attacks, shooting attacks, rock-throwing attacks, and vehicular attacks whereby a car, van or truck is used to mow down Jews waiting at bus stops, tram stops and pedestrian crossings.

This is the Palestinian Arab regime that the Swedish government has decided is worthy of recognition and the status of “independent statehood”. Recognition that specifically opposes the universally agreed and hard-won Oslo Accords.

Palestinian Arab violence against civilian Israelis accordingly spiked from the very date of Sweden’s recognition of the “Independent State of Palestine” – a state that has no borders, no capital, no currency, no foreign policy other than the liquidation of UN member state Israel, and no independent economy that does not rely overwhelmingly on Israel for commerce, industry, jobs, electricity (the outstanding electricity bill thus far totals half a billion dollars), water supply, sewage treatment. Indeed, even Fatah and Hamas, organizations that openly declare their hatred of Israel and their determination to liquidate the Jewish state, nonetheless send their own family members to Israel for medical care since the “Independent State of Palestine” does not have the facilities to look after its own dependents.

Despite this, following Sweden’s encouragement of Palestinian Arab intransigence and extremism and Swedish assurance that there will be no political or financial penalty for Palestinian Arab bestiality against innocent Jewish civilians, many racist attacks have been carried out by people loyal to Fatah - that's Mahmud Abbas’s faction - and Hamas (the Islamist IS allies who hold sway in Gaza). Last week, a 26 year old woman died of her wounds, inflicted by a Palestinian Arab who drove a van into her and then stabbed her repeatedly just to make sure she died. She was targeted because she was Jewish. On the same day, a 20 year old off-duty soldier waiting for a train was stabbed to death. The week before, a 3 month old infant and a young girl were mown down by a Palestinian Arab who deliberately drove into them to kill them. As I write this, there is news that another Jew has been stabbed in Jerusalem.

So here’s a question for Margot Wallström, Foreign Minister of Sweden: Margot, you just threw your country's pensioners onto the scrapheap by taking 1.5 BILLION kronor of their hard-earned pension savings and giving that money to Fatah and Hamas because these two regimes, you say, represent the Palestinian government and their newly recognized Palestinian state.

Still pleased with that decision, Margot?

Still feel you are "helping to build bridges of peace", Margot? Still feel you were right in "empowering the Palestinian Arabs"? Do you yet have any idea what you mean by that statement, or just how much you encouraged Palestinian Arab terrorism by vicious extremists who quite rightly interpreted your stance as total support for their aggression, no matter how obscenely barbaric their actions?

Why are we not hearing any condemnations from you, Margot? Are you unable to speak in defense of a 26 year old Jewish woman, a 22 year old girl or a 3 month old Jewish infant deliberately run over by Palestinian Arabs?

Cat got your tongue, Margot Wallström? Have you suddenly lost the power of speech? You seemed to have no problem speaking when you openly denied that IS was conducting genocide - despite the overwhelming independent evidence to the contrary.

Have you forgotten that since taking power in September, the one and only policy decision your government has taken has been to recognize “Palestine”? You defended this act by saying it would sow the seeds of equality and empowerment. Well, the harvest is in, Margot, and all that has been reaped thus far is dead Jewish bodies. Still pleased?

Have you not understood that you are no longer running a national election campaign, where cheap populism can win votes, but are involved in international policy whose aim should be to calm areas of conflict instead of providing financial, logistical, materiel and diplomatic backing to some of the most heinous terrorists in modern times?

Terrorists who gladly seek to murder 3 month old infants, 22 and 26 year old women and more just to satiate their thirst for Jewish blood. And who receive official backing from Fatah and Hamas - as well as lifetime pensions to commemorate their actions. Pensions paid out in Ramallah and Gaza, but taken from pensioners in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Still no inclination to change your mind and admit your grotesque mistake, Margot Wallström, Foreign Minister of Sweden?

Or are you celebrating now that the King of Sweden has compounded your mistake by congratulating the “Independent State of Palestine on its National Day”, November 15?

Just one final question, Margot Wallström, Foreign Minister of Sweden: Do you understand the correlation between cause and effect?