What should President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu talk about ?


This Wednesday Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu will be meeting President Trump. This meeting will set the tone for their relationship for the next 4 years. There are many potential issues that could be discussed. But what should they each ask for? Here are five major issues that I am sure will come up.

1) Iran and it’s partner terrorist organizations

2) Syria


4) Peace Process

5) Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem



President Trump should be asking   for complete support for the defanging of Iran and it’s affiliates (Hezbollah, Houthis, Hamas,). He should also request for tactical support as well as access to Israeli bases for any military operation as well forces to complement Egyptian, Saudi and Jordanian military support. He should also ask for access to the Israeli intelligence on Iran



President Trump should be asking for Israeli to support the impending changes that will occur in Syria in the next few months.  Joint USA Israeli protection of the Syrian-Israeli   border needs to be established. This will require coordination of the USA, Turkish, Russian activity with Israel. President Trump should also request access to Israeli air bases to support this effort.



US activity in Syria and Iraq will address only part of the ISIS danger. There are ISIS affiliated groups now operating of of the Sinai that are coordinating with Hamas. President Trump should ask Israel to coordinate their activity with Egypt to eliminate ISIS in the Sinai. President Trump should also offer intelligence coordination with the Syria/Iraq activity


Peace process

The Israeli-Palestinian process is going nowhere. President Trump understands that the PA is corrupt and the Palestinian people are the ones who are paying the price. President Trump should ask PM Netanyahu for a proposal to move forward. The Prime Minister should recommend that Palestinians living in Area C should be given a path to citizenship, so they are the same rights and benefits as Israelis. He should also express his plans to establish Israeli sovereignty to Area C. The PM should also say that no new settlements will be established in Area A and B for a period of time.


Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem


While President Trump wants to move the embassy to Jerusalem, however he has received much pressure not to move it. While this will be giving in to terrorist demands, he should use it as a lever to pressure the PLO to puts an end to viscous and profoundly hateful incitement on PA television, in text books and in mosques; the PA also needs renounce and work on destroying Hamas, stop funding families of terrorists who are jailed and change names of   streets named after murders. They also need to accept the legitimacy of the Jewish State and give up their insistence on their right of return. If they do not accept these terms President Trump should tell the Prime Minister that he will break ground for the Embassy on the 50 the anniversary of the liberation and unification of Jerusalem.