Tough luck, Israel is here to stay!

Abuse. Destruction. Exile. Persecution. Massacres. Concentration camps. Genocide. Wars. Terror. Delegitimisation. Anti-Semitism. This has been our reality for thousands of years, and you tell me that you don''t like the way I talk? Tough luck!

You want to get abusive again? Let me tell you. You don''t push us around any more. We are no longer the meek, weak Jew walking submissively into the gas chamber. Don''t like that? Tough luck!
You say we act like bullies? Then, get out of my face. You hate it when we hit back hard? You try living in my neighbourhood, and let''s see how you behave.
You think you can get the world to gang up on us. Try it. We''ll circle our wagons and hang on to what we''ve got. It''s Fortress Israel time.
Let me give you a warning. You spit on me. I''ll slap your face. You hit me. I''ll break your arms. I just want to let you know - we don''t take your abuse any more.
I don''t buy your bluff. I don''t trust a word you say. Don''t ask me to play nice in return for your promises. I don''t believe you. You want me to put my fate in your hands? Who are you kidding?
I do believe my enemies. I have learned one thing down the years: when my enemies tell me that they intend to kill me,  they mean what they say. So don''t tell me to be soft. Soft doesn''t sell in my neighbourhood.
To my enemies, let me say one thing: your wars didn''t work. Your terror scarred my soul, but didn''t break me. You can''t talk me out of existence. Your rockets failed to dent me. You want to try nuclear? Don''t even think about it!
It''s our land! Get that fact into your thick head. It''s our land to keep, or to share. It''s not your decision to make. It''s ours.
No amount of resolutions made in hateful bodies will change that. It''s our land. Got it!
You want me to compromise, be reasonable, leave my land, accept my enemies.
What you are doing is telling me to take the first steps up the gallows to my own execution. 
You tried that in the past.
You told me you were taking me to a work camp.
You didn''t tell me you were taking me to the gas chamber, to the chimney.
Forget it! Your bluff is not going to work this time.
Don''t like my attitude? Think I''m pushy? Shouldn''t be around?
Tough luck. I know your lies. This time, we''re here to stay. Live with it!