'September' in Hebron

The long awaited ''September'' is upon us. The so-called war for ''palestinian statehood'' is being fought by teenagers, (and younger) throwing rocks (as seen in the video and photos below) in Hebron. These pictures and video (all filmed by myself) were taken behind Beit Hadassah, where I live, from one of our bedroom windows, looking north. 
These scenes are not new or necessarily unusual. They are quite redundant, occuring any time the Arab leadership decides that the kids need a day off from school with something constructive to keep them busy and, no, not keeping them off the streets, rather, keeping them on the streets, out of their homes. Nakba Day and other such occasions are great excuses to allow Arab kids to get their arms in shape.
A week or so ago, rocks hurled from the same area, via slingshots, hit outside my daughter''s window, on the top floor of the building. During the
''2nd intifada'' aka the Oslo War, we were shot at from these areas, with bullets actually hitting inside the apartment.  
From nearby rooftops, Israeli soldiers watch the action, occasionally shooting stun grenades or teargas at the attackers, chasing them away for a few minutes. And as can be seen in the first photo, the so-called ''palestinian police'' are stationed nearby, standing around, watching the fun, probably wishing they too could participate. Unfortunately, experience has taught that all too often they do participate, but not with rocks. Bullets are much more effective.
This is democracy in action, a ''piece process'' in motion, education at its highest levels, helping and assisting Abu Mazen create ''palestine'' in the UN.