The Mufti: Past and Present

Haj Amin el Husseini is a well known figure here in Hebron. He was the primary inciter, leading to the 1929 riots and massacre which left some 140 people dead, 67 of them killed in Hebron. On Friday Aug. 23 he spread rumors that Jews were attempting to conquer Temple Mount and that Jewish blood was flowing through the streets of Jerusalem. This was, of course, a lie, but the immediate reaction of Arabs: to kill Jews. That was el Husseini's intended goal.

Fast forward – 1941: Hitler meets with el Husseini on November 28, 1941. His passionate hate for Jews hasn't lessoned. He and Hitler agree to join forces. The Mufti drafts tens of thousands into the "Muslim Brigade" to help fight against the Allied forces. And less than two months later, on Jan. 20, 1942, at the Wannsee Conference, the so-called Final Solution, that is, the intent to annihilate as many Jews as possible, is adopted as official Nazi policy.  El-Husseini's influence on this decision is unmistakable. He rejected Hitler's desire to expel Jews from Europe, knowing they would then go to Israel. The result: between 6 to 7 million Jews murdered during the Holocaust.

El Husseini also had his eyes on pre-State Israel, planning on murdering its Jewish population following Rommel's invasion of the area.

Haj Amin el Husseini had a self-proclaimed successor. His name was Yasser Arafat. When the Russians opened the gates of the Iron Curtain he pleaded with Communist leaders to prevent Jews from coming to Israel.

Yesterday, October 21, 2015: Déjà Vu. Twice in one day the Mufti miraculously reappeared.

The United Nations, utilizing UNESCO, declared that Ma'arat HaMachpela the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, is solely a Muslim holy site, totally precluding its importance, significance and sanctity to the Jewish people. For 700 years Arabs prevented access to this place to anyone not Muslim. Presently the Arab desire to reinstitute this policy has taken on international support, in the form of the UN.

And in the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, an Arab MK, Achmad Tibi, Arafat's right-hand man, an Arab PA infiltrator into Israeli politics, acting in his absurd capacity of 'Deputy Speaker of the Knesset' not only ejected Minister Ze'ev Elkin from the podium and from the plenary, but also declared that "I am the sovereign here."

The continued terror throughout Israel, (a little while ago there was another attempted stabbing in Hebron, of a soldier and a woman), and the farcical ludicrous pronouncements of Arab rule, in Jerusalem and Hebron, and in the Knesset  are repeat performances. We've gone through it before. But the difference between 1929 and the 1940s is that now we have a State, an army and other security forces.  Then, we had no way to deal with the Mufti's venomous violence. Today we do. We shouldn't waste it.