How am I suppose to respond to this?......

How am I suppose to respond to this?.......
As the current wave of stabbings, car ramming and shootings which began in October 2015, continues and even seems to be intensifying, PA President Mahmoud Abbas and top Palestinian officials insist that we are witnessing nothing but a “popular peaceful uprising.” Abbas voiced his full backing for the “popular and peaceful uprising.” He further explained that Palestinians were using “all peaceful means” to “resist Israeli occupation.” Abbas consider knives and automatic weapons “peaceful” tools that Palestinians are entitled to use to “resist occupation.”To Abbas all fault lies with Israel alone and the international community is duty bound to step in and stop Israeli “crimes” against Palestinians. Abbas and top Palestinian officials began telling Palestinians that Jews were “defiling the Aqsa Mosque with their filthy feet.” Several days before the attacks began, Abbas assured his people that those who die defending their holy sites would go straight to heaven. “Every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem is pure blood,” he stresses. Are we still indebted to Oslo?
Is this within the framework for a “Peaceful” solution in accordance with the Oslo accords, that was to promise “Peace” with the Palestinians, of course not. If we do not have laws against incitement, make them, and throw Abbas in jail. Because, as long as Israel gives him legitimacy to govern the PA, his killing are justified and Israels existence is illegal. How many more will have to die before Abbas and the PLO are replace with a Palestinian leadership that will live with us in a real peace? If there is no such Palestinian leadership, make one.
Does Bibi truly believe that he can get the international community to understand Abbas and the PLO are not going to bring peace, not to Israel and not to the Palestinians, settlements or no settlements, a Palestinian state or no Palestinian state? And that Abbas does not serve the best interests of those that he rules. Bibi knows they know this. So, how is Abbas our partner in peace? Why is Bibi not asking world leaders to cut ties and funding to Abbas, the PLO and pave the way for an easy transition of replacing the PLO with a Palestinian leadership that will bring their people a world of good, live and work with us in a real peace?
We did as the world asked. We allowed the PLO, not only to enter Israel, but we gave them entire communities to govern. We place signs to the entrance of these community's that Jews and Israels are at risk for their lives should the enter. We left Gaza to Hamas. We released terrorists from our prisons. We entertain the establishment of a Palestinian state, that wants to replace Israel and our people with theirs. We froze housing construction. We accommodate the International Community, that wants to redefine our borders again and again. We fail to protect both Jew and Arab from violent acts of murder. So why should we be surprised, by this current unrest? We incited it. Why are we not making demands on the EU and the US to recognize our sovereignty and borders ?
The Palestinian territories were ranked 195th in the world published last week by the Child Rights International Network. The study included an examination into whether children had the ability to bring lawsuits over a violation of their rights, whether the international law of the child's right to be heard was upheld in national courts, and the level of legal resources made available to children. Palestine placed 195 in the ranking, just ahead of Eritrea and Equatorial Guinea, making it the third lowest country in granting children access to justice and legal aid. Palestinian officials said "religious courts have jurisdiction over religious and personal matters and are under no obligation to consider the CRIN reports when passing judgment." Israel came in at 30, just behind Honduras, Estonia and Columbia. The United States ranked in spot 51. Oslo has failed and the Palestinian Authority must be returned to Israels jurisdiction, we are responsible for these children, because we allowed this abuse.
The Palestinian Authority continues to glorify terrorists, this time in a Ministry of Education ceremony honoring the 18-year-old terrorist who carried out a stabbing attack near the Tomb of the Patriarchs on Monday. She was described as a  martyr. The ministry said, "the cultural and national mission which the Ministry of Education's students and staff fulfill, in the shadow of difficult political and security circumstances." And "this mission embodies the will of the Palestinian people to achieve freedom and independence, in view of the racist actions of the Israeli Occupation Army and its settlers." And called on her students to continue studying seriously and diligently, like their classmate, and announced that the school would dedicate its success over the coming school year to her memory. The ceremony ended with the planting of an olive tree in her memory and a condolence call on her family. Abbas as been naming streets, squares and parks after such attackers. This is incitement to murder. Israel allowing these events to occur and not stopping Abbas' call makes Israel party to the crime.
The Palestinian youths who are called on by the Palestinian Authority to murder Jews are also victims. They are victims of failed leaders who push them to their death by lying to them about Israeli and Jewish “conspiracies” against the Palestinians. Abbas is convinced that world pressure on Israel will get him more than a negotiated settlement. That is why he does not want to return to the negotiating table with Israel. Palestinians have fallen victim to the lies of their leaders, who encourage them to seek martyrdom and engage in acts of violence instead of building good lives for themselves and their communities. The PLO has named its national soccer team “Fedayeen”, named after the terrorists who murdered hundreds of Jews in the 1950s and 1960s. No western civilized society would allow such a thing to happen. As long as Israel allows this, Abbas will continue his freedom to murder.
It is only world leaders that demand Israel set aside land for a Palestinian state. Yasser Arafat rejecting a two state solution from Prime Minister Ehud Barak. In 2008, Mahmoud Abbas rejected a two state deal from Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Two years ago, Abbas rejected a framework agreement that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had reluctantly agreed to a Palestinian state. So, the problem isn’t the occupation. What those that promote two states have done is focus strictly on Israel, and have absolved the Palestinians of any responsibility for their own plight. Worse, by making Israel responsible, they give the Palestinians the ability to determine Israel’s illegitimacy.
In an unprecedented statement PA Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki explicitly rejected the possibility of renewed direct negotiations with Israel, ever. Malki pledged to never again engage with Israel in direct negotiations towards a final settlement. “We will never go back and sit again in direct Israeli Palestinian negotiations.” Malki rejected the idea of an invitation to return to the negotiating table and suggested that ISIS may be poised to take over Judea and Samaria. Malki referenced the recent spike in Arab terrorism, expressing sympathy with young terrorists and the cause they represent. "They are born without any hope for the future, that's why they decide to sacrifice their lives even at the age of 15, for the better lives of the rest of the Palestinians." This is not what the Oslo Accords set out to do. With all this being said. Peace with the PLO will never occur, this cannot go on forever. It is not working, and Israel needs to replace the PA with leadership that will live with us in peace.
Haneen Zoabi MK praised the Palestinian Arabs who kidnapped and murdered the three Israeli boys during the summer of 2014, called for a violent uprising against Israel, and has spit in the face of Arab Israeli police officers for being “traitors.” She recently showed her loyalty to those who murder Israelis by making a condolence call, with several other Arab MKs, on the families of terrorists who murdered Israelis, referring to the terrorists as “martyrs.” “MKs going to console families of terrorists who murdered Israelis are not worthy of serving in the Knesset,” Netanyahu said in a statement. The Zionist Union party issued a statement criticizing the meeting, saying that the visit with the families of terrorists by Arab MKs “encourages more terrorism and killing of innocents.” Zoabi calls violence of Palestinian Arabs, self-defense, because Israel is an “occupying power”. All MKs must take an oath of alliance to Israel, to represent its constituents.
How many more will have to die, before we remove all the devices of incitement before we can see peace. I mean all of it, Abbas, PLO, Hamas, Red Cross, UNRWA camps and the rest of the UN, anti Israel NGOs, EU, and US rhetoric. Start deportations and closures now. This cannot go on forever. Business's are closing out of anxiety. Families throughout Israel now live in fear. Children are growing up only knowing terror, panic and fear with no feeling of peace of mind. Removing Abbas and the PLO will give Israel a chance to heal. Families need to feel safe. Oslo has failed. It is not worth spending any more time, money, and human capital, on it. It needs a replacement.