Seriously, How Many Armies Does It Take To Defeat ISIS?

Seriously, How Many Armies Does It Take To Defeat ISIS?


An Israeli resolution utilizing agricultural technology for sustainable development accessibility to agricultural technology for those affected by poverty, drought and hunger,was adopted at the United Nations, passed 124 in favor and 37 abstentions this past week. The 37 abstentions did so, because they wish to deprive Israel of their achievement. That is more important to them, than saving the lives of millions of children that die each year from diseases related to malnutrition, and those effected by these same diseases in their own nation. 75 percent of the world’s population lives in poverty, and is reliant on agriculture to survive. This vote is a wake up call to the entire world body, Israel is a world power. Israel, improves the lives of the world, including its enemies. This cannot be said for the devices of Abbas, PLO, and Hamas, which many world leaders support in their effort to replace Israel with these groups. Israel, is a major player in resolving the worlds ailing issues. It is time for the world body to rethink Israels place on this planet, and stop trying to destroy it. Israels Ambassador Danny Danon said “It is quite ironic that the group of nations blocking a consensus on this resolution is the same group who would benefit from it most.... these governments continuously put politics before people, and pride before progress....this resolution is about improving the lives and livelihoods of millions of people across the developing world.” World leaders take note.


Israels contribution would help, about 795 million people suffering from chronic undernourishment. There are 11 million people undernourished in developed countries. World Hunger affect 161 million children million under the age of five, world wide. Hunger, is the principal cause of poverty, people lack resources for food. Hunger causing poor health, small body size, low levels of energy, and reductions in mental functioning. Hunger, can lead to even greater poverty by reducing people's ability to work and learn. Climate change is increasingly viewed as a current and future cause of hunger and poverty. Increasing drought, flooding, and changing climatic patterns requiring a shift in crops and farming practices. Climate change, global warming and the effect on poor people such as Global warming causes 300,000 deaths a year.


Japan, has turned to Israeli technology to treat the radiation disease from the Fukushima nuclear power plant which, continues to pose a major health risk damaged from the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Fukushima Medical University’s Global Medical Science Center has signed a deal with Israel’s Pluristem Therapeutics to further develop the company’s PLX-R18 cells to treat acute radiation syndrome (ARS). Radiation continues to spread, both in Japan and abroad as many as a million people could die in the coming years. Japan, is the 4th largest export economy in the world. In 2013, Japan, exported $738B and imported $857B. Japan, is a major economic power in the world. Japan, has one of the worlds largest economies. Japans GDP is $4.6.Trillion. And has called on Israel for its innovated technology to help save lives. Again, this is another wake up call to the International Community, Israel will heal the worlds traumas. Israel would do the same for Iran, when needed.


Some time soon, the Israeli company NanoLock in Kfar Saba, expects to win regulatory clearance for its products embedded with a novel antimicrobial “Nanomaterial”. A reported 75 percent of health care associated infections which cause 99,000 deaths every year in the United States alone, can be traced to biofilm on devices such as catheters, ventilators and endotracheal tubes. Biofilm, is responsible for more than 60% of all microbial infections. Antibiotics, disinfectants and detergents are proving no match for biofilm, the sticky cluster of microbes that can form on everything from household surfaces to medical implants and devices. It kills both bacteria and fungi. The World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control consider fighting microbial infections a top priority. In 2009, US President Obama and then-EU President Fredrik Reinfeldt of Sweden established a transatlantic task force on antimicrobial resistance. Statistics show that on any given day, about one in 18 European hospital patients and one in 25 US hospital patients is affected by at least one health care associated infection. In the future. The NanoLock's “Nanomaterial”, could be used not only in the medical and dental fields for this application in fighting biofilm and infections, but also in home supplies, food production and packaging as well.

Saying all this, Israel is a proven world leader and a “First World Nation”. It is well qualified to resolve the concerns and safety for mankind. Its is also qualified and highly experienced to resolve its own issues and disputes. It does not need world leaders to speak for them. Today, the people of US stand divided, it is in political turmoil, it's leadership detached from the realities of the day. Its President has failed to bring its people together and fulfill its commitments. In the past seven years, the US, has been witness to the some of the worst violent crimes, assaults, mass murders, uncontrollable riots, and terrorist attacks, it has ever experienced in its entire existence. Europe, is also experiencing uncontrollable terrorist attacks, an economic crisis, and Anti Semitic attacks on Jews, that has never been seen before, since the days Hitler came to power, from both its governments and the public. So, why are we entertaining its leaders to resolve our issues? What does anybody truly believe they they can possibly do for us, when they cannot do very much for themselves? It is the US and Europe that needs Israel, to resolve their issues, not the other way around. Seriously, how many armies does it take to defeat ISIS?


The Palestinians understand what is going on in our neighboring Arab nations. What makes world leaders think they want to live under Arab rule, as opposed to life under Israels direction? They want what the Arabs in Israel have. The treatment of Arabs in Gaza and the PA is a crime. That goes undetected by the world body, is in itself a bigger crime. It is also crime promoting life under those leaders. What Israel did for the Palestinians after the 1967 war in Judea and Samaria, was a vast improvement of what Jordan did for them before that war. The Syrian refugees are migrating to Europe, not neighboring Arab States. That itself makes a statement, the US and Europe should understand. Do not promote life for the Palestinians under Abbas, PLO, and Hamas rule.


Ban Ki Moon, kept Israel out of the International Conference on Terrorism and did not mention that Israel is a nation that experiences terrorism. In the 2010 Haiti Earthquake relief effort Hillary Clinton, thanked all the nations that participated in the rescue and aid effort, but left out mentioning Israel, who ran a field hospital at the time. Clinton, Obama, and Kerry refused to hear what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to say twice, at a Joint Session of the US Congress. All this says is, that the UN and the US do not recognize Israels existence. That being the case, they cannot talk to Israeli leaders, because for them, Israel does not exist. The EU, insists of labeling products from Judea and Samaria as the “West Bank”, as they say it is not part of Israel. Israels borders are defined as they are today by International law. Should any party, subject, individual, or world leader, not honor these laws, than no treaty, agreement or laws set into record has any value. There is no need to reach any agreement, treaty or accord, because they are not upheld.


Every nation in the world has its separatists, the Palestinians are ours. Israel does not support the separatists of Europe and the US, so why would they support ours? Should we start arming the separatists of Europe and the US?.


Both, Europe and the US are simply in a state of “Denial”, where their unconscious defense mechanism is characterized by refusal to acknowledge painful realities, thoughts, or by and in which the existence of unpleasant internal or external realities is denied and kept out of conscious awareness. By keeping the stress out of consciousness, they are prevented from causing anxiety. It is detrimental to health when a person makes a conscious or unconscious attempt to disavow the meaning or even the knowledge of an event in order to reduce anxiety or fear. It is used to allay anxiety by denying the existence of important conflicts, troublesome impulses, events, actions, and illness, and in which the existence of unpleasant internal or external realities is kept out of conscious awareness. Refusal or restriction of something requested, claimed, or needed, often causing physical or emotional deficiency, in which emotional conflict and anxiety are avoided by refusal to acknowledge those thoughts, feelings, desires, impulses, or facts that are consciously intolerable. It is by which a person unconsciously negates the existence of a disease or other stress producing reality in his environment, by disavowing thoughts, feelings, wishes, needs, or external reality factors that are consciously intolerable. Denial, is used to allay anxiety by denying the existence of important conflicts or troublesome impulses, events, actions, or illness. So, please keep these guys away from us!