We Can School The Palestinian Leadership Needed To attain “Peace”

We Can School The Palestinian Leadership Needed To attain “Peace”

We can school the Palestinian leadership that is needed to give their people a world of good, work, live and enjoy life with us in a real peace. But, first we must remove all the devices of incitement that includes Abbas, all those advocating his leadership, and world leaders that do not recognize Israels sovereignty. We must use our energy to advocate that the Palestinians deserve that same quality of life that exists in the free world, and not allow nations to promote Palestinian life under cruel leadership. We can provide the PA and the UNRWA camps with such leadership replacing their authority for the good of its inhabitants and allow the MDA to replace the ICRC with an Arab staff.

The PA is in Israel, it can enjoy full autonomy, under Israels protection, attached to its economy and jurisdiction to secure its peoples rights, safety and freedom.

Abbas and the PLO are not needed, we can do it without them, on our own. Since when to we entrust and empower our security to others, leave alone to Abbas?

We can train, prepare, and protect such a leadership. There will not be any objection, counter or appeal from any free nation, as we do this. We will be doing what world leaders cannot. We are improving the lives of the Palestinians, giving them the same quality of life they would enjoy in any free western nation. And, most of all accomplishing the work that world leaders claimed they have tried to do for them since the beginning of time.

When Obama came to Jerusalem in 2013 and invited students from all over Israel to listen to him, he did he not invite the students of Ariel University, with an Arab enrollment that is situated in a community he has a problem with. Wouldn't it have made sense to invite those Arab students to hear his displeasure with Ariel? So, what was his speech really about? He and the EU are opposed to Israeli settlements that employ Arabs. When SodaStream moved from Mismor Adumin to the Negav, 900 Palestinians lost their jobs, so what was that move really about? The nations that are applying pressure on Israel to leave Judea and Samaria, are not helping its Arab population there, that is why Israel has to stay put, because it is only Israel that will establish industry to provide jobs for Arabs and improve their life. They are employed as equals. You would have thought that the nations that seek a better life for Arabs in these areas would have encouraged global industry to set up shop there to foster a healthy economy. Peace will come when Israel moves into the PA, establishes occupational training for its Arab population, improves their skills for better jobs and encourages global business to establish themselves there. Peace will come when they are fully employed, educated, their lives, communities are improved, and have no reason to resort to violence. To do all this we most remove all the devises of incitement, including the PLO, Abbas, the Quartet, ICRC, Hamas and UNRWA camps. This cannot go on forever. We have done more for the Palestinians here after the 1967 war, than the Jordanians have done before that time, and we will continue.

Abbas is not our partner in peace, he is our nemesis. Abbas claims "Israeli occupation" is ruining the environment. His media and officials glorify Palestinians who murder Israelis. PA President, Mahmoud Abbas referred to the last six months of violence, as a "justified popular uprising".The Palestinian leadership does not educate the Palestinian people for peace with Israel. He claims that Jews are defiling the Aqsa Mosque with their filthy feet. Abbas has over the past six months remained silent in the face of the "knife intifada". He noted, teens attack Israelis because they have “no hope.” Abbas also accused Israelis of engaging in incitement. He must be replaced for the sake of peace.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the second largest faction of the PLO after Fatah, has called for Abbas's immediate resignation for he continues to conduct security coordination with Israel. Abbas has said, should security coordination collapse there will be rifles, explosions and armed militants everywhere.

In 2008, Abbas has rejected "out of hand” an offer by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for a state on the equivalent of 99.5% of Judea and Samaria, including all of Gaza, with a tunnel that would have connect Judea and Samaria to Gaza, the PA state would have its capital in eastern Jerusalem, and he agreed to the return of 5,000 Arab refugees from the 1948 War of Independence over five years. So, this is not about land, or a two state solution that will achieve “Peace”.

Abbas refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state, while he at the same time envisions an independent state of their own where Jewish communities would have to be destroyed and their inhabitants be evicted. His position remains that specific acceptance on their part of Israel as a Jewish state would undermine the rights of the Arab minority inside the pre1967 lines.

On the day that the Palestinians raised their flag at the UN for the first time, Abbas said, Palestinians will no longer continue to be bound by the Oslo accords unless they receive “international protection” from Israel. He called for the international community to recognize a Palestine as a state under occupation in the same way that countries were occupied in the second world war. He said, we cannot continue to be bound by these signed agreements with Israel and Israel must assume fully its responsibilities of an occupying power, because the status quo cannot continue. It is no longer useful to waste time in negotiations for the sake of negotiations, what is required is to mobilize international efforts to oversee an end to the occupation in line with the resolutions of international legitimacy. Abbas said, until then, I call upon the UN to provide international protection for the Palestinian people in accordance with international humanitarian law.

A recent poll taken by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, suggests two-thirds of Palestinians want Abbas to step down. It also indicted that the majority of Palestinians no longer believe that a two state solution is realistic, with showed 57% saying they support a return to an armed intifada in the absence of peace negotiations, up from 49% three months ago.

Abbas signed a unity pact with Hamas, supporting its goals. The PA did not demand that Hamas change its political platform, which calls for the “obliteration” of Israel, the murder of Jews, and violence. Hamas continues to remain in an active state of war against Israel and has thousands of rockets, which it continues to launch at Israeli towns and farms. It is smuggling in higher grade weapons through Egypt and is preaching for Israel’s destruction in its mosques and media.

President Abbas vowed it will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state and will not renounce claims to Israel.  The PA will still fight for the “right of return” for millions of Palestinians to the Jewish, not the Palestinian, state, which would destroy Israel demographically. The PA continues to issue maps depicting all of Israel as “Palestine.”

Abbas feels empowered to continue making maximum demands, even by force of arms and terrorism, as Hamas is doing. This will not lead to the peaceful coexistence sought by Israel and moderates in the region.

The PLO leadership will declare on June 6, 2017, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 lines with East Jerusalem as its capital and will ask for UN recognition. PLO seniors are committed to declare statehood even without UN Security Council acceptance, and thereafter, they are ready to engage in an “Intifada of Independence.” They have always based their struggle and efforts on Arab and international support. It is within this context that they have apparently decided to move on their own toward a unilateral declaration of statehood in June 2017 and to fight Israel for the fulfillment of their cause. Seriously, at what point must we be, to be able to fly these guys back to Tunis?