A Call for Action After More Killings of Jews in Jerusalem!

 A letter to the government of Israel

Time to take the political responsibility load off Prime Minister Netanyahu. The government, in unison, as representatives of the people, must now act potently.

Israel has fast becoming an unsafe place for Jews to live. These days, no matter how you are going to spin the issue, intifada, or jihad, on a large scale, is taking place in Israel. Not only that Jews will begin to leave their homeland but tourism, from which many Israelis makes their living will drop to zero level.

When one sees the scenes of violence, murders and the fiery protests in Israel one can openly say Nazism and barbarism has gone wild in the land of Israel. The streets are again soaked with Jewish blood and there is no end in sight. Each day, is chaos and bloodshed.

  Volunteer carries wounded toddler to ambulance after Arab terror attack near Lion's Gate in Old City of Jerusalem-Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel / Flash 90
Naama and Eitam Henkin, parents of 6 who were killed in Arab terror shooting attack in the Samaria on October, 1, 2015. 

For years I have been speaking up. You cannot have peace with people who are bringing to the world generations who, from the moment they are out of their mother’s womb and have opened their eyes, will be ready to do all they can to kill Jews and go to war with them in order to destroy Israel.

The entire Oslo Accords were a costly charade – cost in Jewish blood and money – a sham that Israel simply refused and still refuses to admit the wrong and bail herself out of it. She has all the reasons to call it quits. After all the Arabs never complied with one clause of this insane agreement. For them it was one step in the PLO's three ‘Phase Plan’ to Destroy Israel:

Phase One: acquire as much territory as possible (Israel agreed to it in the Oslo Accords giving her own land to the Arabs)

Phase Two: Use the territory to launch terror on Israel (We are seeing this phase in front of our eyes today)

Phase Three: Destroy Israel; this is the Arabs ultimate goal.

Only the other day, Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered an outstanding speech in at the hall of the United Nations Assembly of Gypsies, pirates, dictators, tramps and thieves. He failed on one point; he still believes in the “two state [dis]solution.”

As Ayelet Shaked, presently Israel Minister of Justice, has said in an interview after Netanyahu’s speech at the UN: “Netanyahu cannot continue to call Abbas a liar and accuse him of incitement on one hand while inviting him to resume peace negotiations on the other hand.” This is oxymoron.

Come on government members; there were never peace negotiations by two partners. It was Israel playing by the rules while the Arabs were playing the by hook or by crook game. It was and still is, either the US, EU or UN trying to appease their favorite Arabs by pressuring Israel to make irrational concessions she should have never done, or it was and still is Israel obsessive need to have peace without having a partner to that peace. Either way, it could never work. But no one have put the brake on the insanity.

There are solutions and now you must apply them and fast.

The answer to Arabs’, who call themselves “Palestinians,” a name that Israelis should have never adopted its use, aggression is to act in such ways that make it so very painful for these subhuman so that they will come to realize that their violence and blood-lust becomes horribly counter-productive.

Military responses to Arab violence are effective, but only up to a point. Fatah and Hamas thugs welcome death as shahids while relishing the idea of 72 recycled virgins allegedly awaiting for them in some paradise.

We need to see a direct and pure Zionist retaliation response to each and every Arab and Moslem terror atrocity against Israelis and Jews. That means it requires the building or rebuilding of Jewish communities and residential areas throughout Judea, Samaria, all of Jerusalem and the Golan; each new community will be named in eternal memory of the individual Jewish victim who fell at the hands of Arab hate and evil.

This rejects utterly the self-defeating and self-imposed “building freeze” since 2006. It also ends the image of modern Israel as the “trembling Israelite” to be beloved by generations of venomous anti-Semites.

Decades of futile expectation that matters will improve, even in the face of Arab knives, bullets, bombs, missiles, boycotts and venomous diplomatic warfare, have availed Israel naught.

Israel must employ purely Zionistic response. It will be far more devastating, regardless of the howls of rage that will undoubtedly emanate from the baleful Obama administration and the ever hypocritical international corridors of power in Europe, or in the immoral cesspit known as the United Nations.

This should be in addition to the legal, moral and sacred imperative to restore Jewish sovereignty throughout all of the Land of Israel, from the river to the sea and even unto the Gilead.

Creating Jewish facts on the ground throughout the liberated and precious soil of Judea and Samaria is the direct response to Islamic hate, to the ongoing murder of Jews.

Let the likes of Mahmoud Abbas and his PLO and Fata thugs and Ismail Haniyeh and his Hamas goons see before their very own eyes how their encouragement of Moslem terror and glorification of the Moslem butchers who murder Israelis and Jews, systematically destroys their hopes for the creation of their fraudulent country they named “Palestine.”

You must end this humiliation imposed upon the reconstituted Jewish state for once and for all. Let the Jew haters and Israel bashers refer their morally bankrupt protests to the sole instigators of violence and aggression: their beloved Arabs who fraudulently call themselves "Palestinians."

How long will the Netanyahu government permit this horror and humiliation to go on? Will the government of Israel finally act persuasively against Arab depravity? Or will more years of the deplorable building freeze in the Jewish ancestral and biblical heartland continue while yet more precious lives are lost and Jewish worshippers in the Holy City of Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount are brutalized?

King David already say the nation of Israel trouble with Hamas: 19 See how numerous are my enemies and how fiercely they hate me! 20 Guard my life and rescue me; do not let me be put to shame, for I take refuge in you. 21 May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope, Lord, is in you. 22 Deliver Israel, O God, from all their troubles! ~ Psalm chapter 25

I am angry, many, many others are angry. Israel is a light shining on the world but when it comes to Jewish life in the land you have failed, you have gone underground, incapable of defending the Jews.

In his speech at the UN Netanyahu said “Israel is civilizations' front line against barbarism.” Is it possible that the pathetic world of today prefers to be barbaric?

Forget about what the world has to say about Israel. It cannot match up to her. Perhaps the morally defect world of today would like to see the light of values and morality shining from Israel dimmed, or die so mankind can practice its evil free of the Jews’ watching eyes.

Evil is bright; evil is so bright that people cannot look right at it. But Israel must. The first evil is must look at is the barbarian Arabs living there. Start acting right, even expel them, village by village. They earned it, they own their punishment.

I am waiting, we are all waiting to see an immediate change. I am sure you would like to see change too. It is in your hands. We are behind you.

Jews should no longer be hopeless and helpless. Israel should not appear helpless. Jewish blood is not Hefker – Ownerless!

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