Born Szymon Perski AKA Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres was among Israel’s founder.

Shimon Peres legacy includes a long list of achievements and manning many political positions.

Yes, Shimon Peres is a member of Israel’s Founding Fathers’ group but he can also be called Israel’s destroyer.

It is time to admit that the Oslo Accords, which Peres architected, was the mightiest mistake Israel has ever made in her 68 years of revival.

Shimon Peres, the Oslo architect; the Oslo Accords is Israel's Munich.

 Nobel Peace Prize for Terrorist Yasser Araft, and Delusional Jews Shimon Peres and Yitzchak Rabin

The Munich Agreement was a settlement permitting Nazi Germany's annexation of portions of Czechoslovakia along the country's borders mainly inhabited by German speakers, for which a new territorial designation "Sudetenland" was coined. The agreement was negotiated at a conference held in Munich, Germany, among the major powers of Europe, excluding the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia.

The Arabs “peace partner” violated Shimon Peres’ Oslo Accords before the ink was dry on the signatures.

May Peres rest in peace, the peace that his policies and appeasement made impossible. Oslo is now unraveling because it was a sham. As soon as the ink was dry on the agreement, vermin Arafat, Peres' peace partner, began an uninterrupted terrorist spree that killed hundreds of civilians and thousands were injured.

Shimon has spent his last 25 years committed to the Oslo Accords, along which he endangered the very existence of Israel with his delusional peace dogma. The Oslo Accords hectored Israel as if there was no peace it was because Israelis did not want it bad enough. Peres, to the very end of his life, insisted that almost all Israelis support the “Two-State Solution,” whereas, in reality, almost none actually do. Peres never let go of his proclamation that the wretched PalArabs seek peace, while they followed genocidal jihad and the streets of Israel were soaked with innocent people’s blood, many of them children, whom the barbarian constantly murdered in a vicious and cruel way.

The obscene reaction to Peres’ death among Arabs serves the best witness and proves how deluded Shimon Peres was with his Oslo Accords “legacy,” the worst political move Israel has made in her 68 rejuvenation period.

Shimon Peres never apologized to the Nation of Israel for his Oslo mistake. He did not apologize even though the Oslo Accords weaponized the PalArabs ideologically, politically and militarily.

Shimon Peres did not apologize for his inexcusable Oslo mistake, despite of all the Jews murdered as a result of this "agreement".

Shimon Peres never demanded that the PLO/Fatah/PA/Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas change their behavior, in both word and deed, even though there will never be a just and lasting peace without such needed transformation.


since the Oslo Accords the Palestinian Authority/PLO/Fatah/Abbas & Co.'s sole narrative, including directed at children and teens, consists of genocidal anti-Semitism, terror advocacy and adulation of terrorism and terrorists, denial of Israel as a Jewish state, its right to exist, by denying all Jewish history in the land, and the often stated commitment to work until Israel is completely destroyed and replaced by a Palestinian state.

Mahmoud Abbas hails ‘brave’ peace partner Shimon Peres. That "bravery" brought arch terrorist Yasser to the land of Israel, and in return, Arafat got Israelis murdered in volume. This “bravery” brought about constant pressure on the government of Israel for any reason possible, it created the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement, caused the Gaza disengagement debacle, pressure Prime Minister Netanyahu to agree to a 0 months construction freeze to end up it was for naught, it created the 2 state [dis]solution movement, established the kleptocrat PA and helped raise a generation of Arab terrorists, living side by side with Israel, who hate Jews, whose main desire is to murder Jews and destroy Israel.

We need to ask: WHY ARE THERE SO VERY FEW JEWS IN THE WORLD? After all, the Jewish nation is 4,000 year old! After all, before Christianity, before Islam, there was Judaism!

Today there are over 1 billion Christians and there are over 1 billion Muslims. Jews’ count in only approximately and maximum 15 million in total.


Good question.

Throughout history Christians persecution of Jews.

Throughout history Moslems persecution of Jews.

Many Jews can be counted for being strategically inept, willfully blind, cowards and collaborators. Shimon Peres?

No bad wishes to Shimon Peres family nor to Peres' soul.

But we must never mask the facts, how many Israelis were murdered because of this delusional peace processor and his disastrous plan to achieve peace.

Shimon Peres is dead now, but that does not change history.

Shimon Peres, the father of the intifada, may he rest in peace.

We, Jews and friends of Israel, will fix what Shimon Peres ruined, one step at the time.

Rest in peace, Shimon Peres.