Doctors like Ada Rephaeli Make-Up Rachel’s Society & ICRF

 The Cancer disease is a subject that occupies the minds of those who are sick with Cancer and those seeking its cure.

The research for a cure for Cancer is on a race path and it is intense. In this race there is synergism between ICRF and cancer research.

When you become a member of the Rachel’s Society, ICRF (Israel Cancer Research Fund) funds the scientists who seek the cure for Cancer. These scientists do their promising Cancer research at major institutions throughout Israel and are making life-changing discoveries for the cure of Cancer.

For many of us, the choice to join the fight against Cancer comes from a personal experience or connection. For Dr. Ada Rephaeli, it was her father who got sick with the disease.

 Dr. Ada Rephaeli at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel event
 Dr. Ada Rephaeli at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel event

The members of Rachel’s Society who have dedicated themselves to finding a cure for Cancer through ICRF have gathered this month at the Four Seasons Hotel for an evening event, donated by Beverly Cohen, Rachel’s Society President, to hear what Dr. Rephaeli has thus far discovered in the year research she has been conducting, funded by Rachel’s Society-ICRF grant.

Dr. Repheli’s main subject is: is chemo therapy necessary to battle Cancer, when, 75% of Cancer patients die of treatment complications.

That means that life is compromised.

In her research Dr. Rephaeli found that the HDAC inhibitor selectively kills Cancer cells and not normal cells and her AN446 discovery shows to inhibit growth of Cancer cells and to induce death of TNBC cells faster and to a greater extent.

To continue her research and bring her research findings to a stage of medical use, Dr. Rephaeli needs to receive a further and extended Rachel’s Society-ICRF grant.

Soon ICRF will be partnering with City Of Hope and we all hope that much good cure for Cancer will come out of this partnership.

If this Cancer curse has passed your path, join in the fight. 

 Dr. Ada Rephaeli at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel event-together we will win the battle