Our Computerized Data is Inconspicuous Again

In our world one can no longer keep a secret. You have a watching eye everywhere; your computerized lifestyle –computer and smart phone - has access to your data to the last bit.

Realizing that is where WWS (World Without Secrets) came up with its technology to protect the individual from being exposed to the hilt.

What we are speaking about is outsmarting sensitive data.

The problems today as WWS sees it

Once data is shared, via e-mail or uploaded to the Internet, there is no control over it. Everyone has access to it once it is released from the source. You can disconnect your smart phone from the Wi-Fi and Internet and still, your device will continue collecting data on you each moment when it was disconnected.

By using cloud-computing storage, data is stored in a boundless space in which information is shared across millions of users around the world. Your where about is constantly being exposed. Once released, information remains accessible, forever.The infinite memory of the web stores it and you have no control.

The dilemma

After the date has been shared outside the users’ organization, e-mails, documents, files and photos can be received and accessed by anyone.

Users who want to limit access to sensitive data without abandoning online content sharing platforms find themselves in a dilemma.

Who is WWS?

WWS is adding itself to the long list of companies that were born in the startup nation, Israel.

I had the honor to have met Moti Asaf, WWS Co-Founder/Chairman. He heads the group who founded WWS, all serial entrepreneurs, with a record of selling several startups to global companies.

Moti told me that these entrepreneurs are experts in cyber security within the private and public sectors. With proven experience in building, leading and implementing complex security projects in dozens countries. Their expertise lies in cyber Security, fraud detection, mass data, control and management of anti-terror investigations analysis such as building and operating intelligence operations fields.

WWS team’s - based in California, USA, with R&D offices in Israel – deep understanding in technology and security allows them to, quickly and efficiently, implement solutions to safeguard the data of governments, corporations, borders, agencies and individuals.

The solution is to protect privacy

WWS developed the technology, methodology and platform that enables organizations to have full control over their data. This data includes documents, files, e-mails, attachments and photos. WWS’ technology platform goes through a unique encryption and watermark process which does not change the user’s interface, or the internal business processes workflow.

With WWS’s technology the control of information is broad. It allows the user to know who has access to his or hers e-mails, documents, photos, and files. WWS allows you to choose what users can do with the data that is shared with them. That means, whether they are save it, edit it, share it, print it, or upload it to the Internet. More so, when the data is accessible, for how long and to where the data is sent. Giving the user[s] control over their data, even if it is an organizational network, on PCs, on a mobile devices and/or the web.

WWS’s platform even goes the extra mile…to analyze, detect & prevent.

The platform is able to manage all the organization’s mass data activity in a comfortable display dashboard. The platform can adjust to an organization’s internal rules for anomalous standards; track source of leakage in real time; set automatic response to alert to unusual activity; give instant disposal of data, even if it is already spread across hundreds of thousands of users on the internet and/or social media. WWS can even allow users control of their data if it has been downloaded and saved on someone’s computer.

Targeted market

WWS offers solutions to a wide variety of vertical market places. Directed for the use of medium to large private companies as well as global organizations all that seek to maintain compartmentalization and/or protect their internal data from external exposure.

The platform, without major code changes, is designed for government, law enforcement, entertainment, medical and pharmaceutical, financial, insurance and real estate bodies.

Due to WWS’ deep understanding of building and implementing large scale projects of mass data, each industry has its own unique rules and methodology, resulting in a rapid and efficient implementation.

WWS Mission

To provide the platform, technology and methodology to allow organizations to regain full control of all their files, documents, photos and emails.

All this is very exciting, especially when the market is in great need for such platform. WWS is welcoming the opportunity to partner with them in this path to guard and protect data in our computerized world.

In a world that, in one century has made notable technological advancements that has made it rather difficult for a person to follow on and keep up with, never mind keeping it personal and confidential, WWS is here to help with one other worthy platform. This platform will help to somehow put the genie back in the bottle.