There will be war.  The agreement between Iran, the United States and the various European nations that have signed on to the agreement, along with the United Nations, have simply insured that the war that the Iranians will instigate will be a nasty one involving atomic weapons.  It is no longer a question of if, only of when.  It is rather discouraging to watch it happen.  The U.S. Senators who have agreed to accept the agreement are stupid and shortsighted individuals who are whistling past the graveyard of disaster. It is unlikely they will ever come to regret their decision, because they are not self-aware enough to recognize reality; when war comes, they will not think that their actions in agreeing to a nuclear deal with Iran had anything to do with what will befall the world.  In their minds, it will be someone else’s fault, the result of unforeseen and unforeseeable events that they had no control over.  They will insist that they did their best and that ultimately there was really nothing anyone could have done to have prevented the horror.  Perhaps they will hold hearings to try to find someone they can blame other than themselves.

Those who imagined that rejection of the agreement meant that the only alternative was war simply don’t get it.  We’re already at war with Iran; we’ve been at war with them since 1979.  It’s only going to get worse.  The same thing can be said of our ongoing conflict with Islamic extremism.  ISIS and its comrades are not going to go away on their own.  Moderation will not suddenly descend on the Middle East; it is only going to get worse before the conflict that will end it finally comes.

These are dark days that are upon us.  They will grow darker before the morning comes again.