Baloch man's Eid message of standing with Israel goes viral

Meet Ashraf Sherjan, 36, a Baloch who now lives in exile in Germany. On Eid day, that marks the end of 30 days of fasting Ramadhan-- the Muslim lent--, Sherjan send a message of peace and love to Israel and immediately became a social media sensation among Israelis. "Today the whole Muslim world is celebrating Eid with their loved ones. But I am not celebrating my Eid," Ashraf Sherjan said as he posted a video that showed him in traditional baggy shirt and trousers called shalwar kamiz. "I want to pass my message to the mother of 13 year old Hallel Yaffa Ariel who was killed last week in Israel. Being a secular Baloch Muslim I stand with you," Ashraf added. "Yes. You are not alone I stand with you and I stand with Israel," his message reads.

The 13-year-old Israeli girl was stabbed to death in her bed in the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba on June 30. The Israel ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, in an oped blamed the European parliament for being indirectly responsible for the girl's killing. Holding an Israeli flag, Ashraf Sherjan appears to be well aware of the risk he was taking by standing openly with Israel. "I know very well if I hold the flag of Balochistan, I am not safe. Or if I hold the flag of Israel I am also not safe," Sherjan said. "But still I stand with Israel. Because I understand very well what is true. All I can say peace in Israel and free Balochistan."
Sherjan is the past president of the Germany chapter of the Baloch Republican Party, a key party that is demanding independence of Balochistan from Pakistan. Islamabad has responded by disappearing majority of the central leaders of the BRP and killing hundreds of the party supporters. Recently, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti, president of the the BRP who now lives in exile in Geneva, in an interview with Israel radio expressed optimism Israel will stand with Balochistan in its struggle against Pakistan brutalities.

Pakistan accuses Israel of carrying out atrocities against Palestinians -- and in line with official state policy, thousands of mosques each Friday call for jihad against Israel-- but Islamabad is itself allegedly carrying out crimes against humanity in France-sized Balochistan. Bodies of Baloch demanding freedom are reportedly buried in mass graves in Balochistan. Baloch patriots insist their France-sized homeland in southwest Asia was occupied at the point of gun on March 27, 1948.

Sherjan, who had lived in the UAE since he was two and moved to Germany in 2012, explains why he is pro-Jewish and pro-Israel. "I studied in a Indian school in UAE so most my life has been spent with mix community of people with different religion and different races. So I am used to this and understand and respect all religions," he said.

He said his message for mother of Hallel Yaffa was well received in the social media. "One hundred, seventy-three thousand views, , 8,800 likes, 2,400 shares and 479 comments in just three days," Sherjan said gleefully. "Being one of the first Baloch activists from occupied Balochistan (to reach out to Israel), it's a big achievement for me that today people of Israel and well wishers of Israel are listening us."
This writer sincerely believes influential pubic intellectuals like Bernard-henri Levy and Hillel Neuer of UN Watch, who are advocates for Israel defense, must meet with Balochistan leaders for a common front against extremist terror.