$100,000 Torah Challenge: Update

Illustration: Ruth and Boaz
By Gustave Dor'e

First of all, let me just make it absolutely clear that I have nothing what so ever to do with the comments which appear in the Jerusalem Post via Disqus. For whatever reason, after about one week, the Jerusalem Post closes the comment link on its articles. Nevertheless, you may still post your response to the challenge on any of the articles I have written and it will be accepted. So, for example: You may post your response on this article if you like….

That being said, so far, no one has come even close to collecting the prize. In fact, not one person has succeeded in explaining: If Judaism passes thru the mother, then why isn’t Sarah the mother of Rebecca, Rebecca the mother of Leah and Leah the mother of Judah’s Canaanite wife: Shua?

If one goes to Wikipedia and enters: “Judaism: matrilineal descent”, you will find a fairly rational argument explaining that Judaism was originally based on Patrilinial descent and it wasn’t until the Book of Ezra and possibly even as late as 100 A.D. that the concept of matrilineal descent was developed.

Therefore, the claim of the rabbis that matrilineal descent was given as part of the oral laws during the time of Moses is just total nonsense, if not outright lies.

If the rabbis want to say that, as interpreters of the law, they have the right to change the law when they feel it is necessary, then I would accept it.

BUT !!! If the rabbis do indeed have this authority, then: why the necessity for all these fantasies about oral laws being given during the time of Moses?

Why all the lies ???

Regardless, as I mentioned in the challenge:


The Torah Challenge originally appeared in Hub Pages and was for only 10,000 dollars. Even though the challenge was up and running for over 2 years, no one got even close to winning the prize.

Now the Torah Challenged has been raised to 100,000 dollars.

E mails have been sent to every member of the Knesset. Emails have been sent to all of the members of the Religious Studies departments of: Bar Ilan University, Brandies University, Yale Divinity School, Harvard Divinity School…and so on.

E mails have been sent to every major Jewish Newspaper, Radio Station and Television station….

E mails have been sent directly to: The Chabad Movement: A.I.S.H.; and over 100 synagogues around the world.

In the times of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Judaism was based on Patrilinial descent.

In the times of Moses, Judaism was based on Patrilinial descent.

In the times of King David, Judaism was based on Patrilinial descent.

In the time of Elijah the prophet, Judaism was based on Patrilinial descent.


That’s just the way it was….