When Trump and Pence are Removed, Will the Pentagon Take Over?

Photo: President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence
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For years and years people have been asking me: Whether or not I am a Jew?
I have now decided that I am not.....
A Jew, whether he is Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or "whatever" , is a person who believes that the Jewish people are governed by both the God of Moses and the traditions of the rabbis, Pharisees, Judges, Teachers of the Oral Law or "whoever".
In other words: as Rabbi Shlomo Risken has declared repeatedly in the Jerusalem Post: "The rabbis are God's partners and co-creators".
This is:
The Old Testament teaches us that Moses, the greatest prophet of all time, was merely God's servant; but the Jerusalem Post teaches us that Rabbi Shlomo Risken, and his cohorts, are God's partners.......

So, you might ask:

If you are not a Jew, what are you?

Well that depends: The Orthodox community and the State of Israel have, more or less, declared that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not: "real Jews"……..

BUT !!!

They have not made any official declarations as to what exactly their religion was called….

Nevertheless, whatever name you want to give to the religion of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that is my religion….

The Book of Exodus describes the Hebrews as: "Beni Israel" (i.e. the children of Israel), but this can also be translated as: "The Sons of Israel", because anyone with even a fourth grade education can see that, according to the Books of Moses, the original teachings of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob made clear that this religious system was passed down thru the fathers NOT the mothers…

In other words:

Sarah was NOT the mother of Rebecca

Rebecca was NOT the mother of Leah and Rachel

Leah was NOT the mother of Judah's Canaanite wives


Rachel was NOT the mother of Joseph's Egyptian wife, no matter what lies the rabbis teach about Dinah….


Okay…..So what does all this have to do with Trump and Mike Pence?


Very simple:

The Books of Moses teach that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was a jealous god.

In the stories found in the Tanack (The Old Testament), we see that many times, although not every time, when God wants to punish His people, He raises up another people against them. (i.e. God does not punish them directly with fire and brimstone)


The 5 Books of Moses teach that the Israelites will be expelled from the Promised Land; dispersed and then brought back....

The rabbis, however, started adding to these teachings with stories about: "Messiahs" and: " Wings of Eagles" etc etc
and just what is the rabbinical definition of: a messiah?

Why, "a messiah" is defined as: "a great rabbinical scholar", of course !!! (Hence the Chabadniks believe the great scholar Menachem Mendel Schneerson is the messiah).

So, what we saw in the early 1900's was the beginning of the Zionist movement and Jews being encouraged to return to the Promised Land.

Yet the rabbis and "the great Torah scholars of Europe" united against Herzl, Jabotinsky, Weizmann  etc…. etc…. and told  their congregations and Yeshiva students there was no need to flee from "the pure atmosphere of  rabbinical studies establish throughout Europe via their religious schools"....(Sort of like what the Chief Rabbi of Paris continues to do till this very day)

 In fact, these rabbis and Torah sages went on to teach their followers that to go to the Promised Land was evil and a sin; hence we have Satmar Jews burning Israeli flags in Brooklyn......

Unfortunately, the same thing happened to the people who listened to the teachers of the oral law in Europe as happened to the people who listened to the original teachers so the oral law in Sinai when they revolted against Moses after the incident of the 10 dis-honest spies....



Now we have a seemingly new situation, but in reality it is exactly the same:


The rabbis in the United States have convinced their congregations that there is absolutely no need to live in Israel; that one can enjoy: "a full Jewish lifestyle" in the United States…..

This "American Perspective" has led to  perverse interpretations of the world stage where a Jewish American senator completely ignores that his government has killed closed to one million Muslims in the last thirty years and instead decides to focus on Israel killing 2,000 Muslims in 2009 in his bid to become President of the United States.

 In a previous article, amongst other things, I discussed Jared Kushner and his relationship to Facebook




IN short, my conclusions in that article were that two crises are fast approaching:

1)      The Jews will be blamed for an economic collapse that will be greater than 2008

2)      The Jews will be blamed for the Trump resignation


So: What's new this week? Why this article ?

What's new this week is that Hillary Clinton is now beginning to call for the 2016 election results to be nullified.

There is no provision in the United States constitution for an entire election to be nullified

There is no procedure for a complete nullification of Presidential elections


In other words: As soon as it is established beyond doubt that Jared Kushner committed treason and that Trump, Pence, Flynn, Manafort  and God only knows who else  were accomplices, the United States will slip into chaos….

This is much, much worse that Watergate……this is TREASON…..Watergate was merely a crime


One final note to emphasize why this time things will be different:


Russia has totally humiliated the F.B.I. and the C.I.A.


Now it has become personal……


When the Special Prosecutor wanted documents from Paul Manafort, he did not use the procedures usually followed in cases like this…..

The F.B.I. agents received a special search warrant to enter Paul Manafort's house unannounced…

In other words: Paul Manafort realized that armed  F.B.I. agents  had a warrant to search his premises, NOT when they knocked on the door to his house, but when they knocked on the door of his bedroom….


Jared Kushner is a marked man…….television commentators are already calling for his immediate arrest for treason



In conclusion:

Rome was a Republic, but then it came an Empire when its large military decided to support a strong man as leader
The United States, at the moment, is a republic....yet, thanks to a large military, it has begun to take on many characteristics of an Empire
When the system breaks down, a strong man will step in........ a strong man who will have an extremely powerful military to support him....
And when that happens all rules, traditions and safeguards will go out the window......





Go to "Nephish and Nephish" and fill out the forms…..

Better to be safe than sorry…..

Put your trust in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
NOT in your stupid rabbi......