Metaphors in the Torah: “Netzavim” (Deuteronomy 29.9 - 30.20)


 Illustration: Jewish Men Awaiting Death in Gas Van

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One of the main criticisms of this series of articles has been: “you repeat yourself” and “all you do is talk about metaphors”.

The reason I repeat myself is that:

1)    I cannot be sure the reader has read any of the previous articles; therefore it is necessary to “re-set” the foundation in every article.

2)    What I am trying to demonstrate is that, for example, “fruit is a metaphor for knowledge” not just in one single Torah portion, but that this technique is used throughout the Torah from Genesis to Deuteronomy and even can be found in every book of the Tanach.

So, if you will excuse me for repeating myself once more, in several past articles we spoke about the punishment of Moses and we demonstrated, quite clearly I believe, that Moses was NOT punished for striking the rock with his staff, but was punished for not standing fast against the people and providing them with water. Hence God does not say: “Moses you struck my rock with your staff, therefore you cannot enter the land"; what God actually says is that Moses “did not honor God’s word” and this was he reason he could not enter the land….

We then went on to explain that God should be associated with “dryness” because:

1)    God floated over the dark waters, but never touched them

2)    The name: “Mount Horeb” means: “a high level of dryness”

3)    The Ark of the Covenant never touches the waters of the Jordan River

So, I guess you all can imagine how happy I was to find in this week’s torah portion the line:

and it comes to pass, when he hearth the words of this curse, that he bless himself in his heart say: I shall have peace, though I walk in the stubborness of my heart--that the watered be swept away with the dry....(This is the translation of Mechon is also possible to read it as: "drinking will be replaced with thirst")

Chapter 29  then goes on to conclude that we must follow God’s word and ONLY God’s word….

There is no mention of following the teachers of the oral law, especially since we have read in the Book of Deuteronomy how the original 70 judges, who the rabbis claim they are their “spiritual forefathers”, revolted against BOTH God and Moses and were responsible for the entire generation of Jews who listened to them, to die wandering around in the desert…

Chapter 30 then goes on to use the phrase: “circumcise thy heart” and says that “those who love the lord” will be brought back from the punishment of the dispersion..

The Hebrew word for “circumcism” means: “to remove the ‘meat’ that blocks” and the Hebrew word for: “foreskin” is actually the word for: “a piece of fruit from a tree that is less than three years old” (It is forbidden to eat this fruit).

Another very important thing to understand is that in modern day Israel they us the metaphor of: “ripening fruit” to describe how children are progressing in their “pre-school” classes…

So, in many, many, many other articles we have discussed that “meat” in Hebrew means: “religious preachings” and that it is also the word for “Gospels”, hence the “Gospel of Mark” can be translated in Hebrew as: “The Meats of Mark”.

Therefore: “removing the meat that blocks” is a reference to “religious teachings which prevent us from hearing the word of God”.

Now, in this week’s passage it says that God will call his people back, yet, if the people do not come back, then obviously something is blocking that message from reaching them. Some sort of “religious preaching”….

There is absolutely no question that, in the early days of the twentieth century, the majority of the rabbis in the western world were against immigration to Israel and they told their followers to ignore Vladmir Jabotinsky and other “Zionist” emissaries. We saw the results of this wisdom in the Second World war….

Furthermore, it is absolutely clear the rabbis in the United States teach their followers that “it is not necessary to live in Israel in order to live a FULL Jewish life”.

Therefore, these Jews also do not come to Israel….

They have heard the call, but something is blocking that message from reaching their hearts…

So, in this week’s Torah portion, and in those preceding it, the message is repeated again, and again and again and again….

Israel has ONLY one God; listen ONLY to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob….

 The rabbis insist that “knowledge” and “scholarship” are the way to reach God….The Chabad movement (whose headquarters is in Brooklyn, not Israel), has even gone so far as to declare that one of their foremost scholars is the messiah and, in a clear violation of the second commandment, plastered giant posters of “this man” all over the world declaring he is the messiah….(never mind the fact that he is dead....)

Well, maybe he is the messiah, because only the messiah would have the authority to nullify one of God’s commandments, right ?

In conclusion, American Jews: Stop listening to your rabbis with their “knowledge of the fruit from trees less than three years of age”….come to Israel NOW, before it’s too late…