The Racist, the Slumlord and the Kottel



President Trump and Jared Kushner
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First of all, if you are Jewish and you live in the USA or Canada then I would like to say:

" GET OUT NOW !!! "

Go to Nephesh B' Nephesh fill out the forms and come to Israel…….NOW !!!

Or, at the very minimum, fill out all the forms, complete all your medical examinations and interviews, and have all your documents ready so that, if you need to get out at a moment's notice, you can….

I don't hate Donald Trump….. I grew up in New York in, more or less, the same time period and he is a product of both his time and his neighborhood.

I feel less close to Jared Kushner, because he seems to me to be a bit of a snob and he is much younger than I am, but I don't hate him either.

They are both going to go to jail because, as Steve Bannon has publicly said, the root cause of the problem in the Russian investigation is: "money laundering" and the Deutsche's Bank investigation is still in its early stages.

BUT, the big problem with Trump and Kushner is the never ending lies, which brings us to the Kottel.

Religious Christians like to say that Jesus, as the son of God, "had/has" the ability to predict the future.

Jews like to say that the New Testament was written, at least, 50 years after the times associated with Jesus and, therefore, the "predictions" are not predictions, but simply a record of what happened.

Either way, the New Testament indicates that the wall built by the Edomite murderer Herod is NOT a holy site or part of the temple complex, but is part of the foundation of camp for the Roman Garrison placed in Jerusalem known as: "The Antonia Fortress"

I mean really: If you were the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, would you want your chosen people praying at a wall built by an Edomite murderer? Because, no matter what the function of the Kottel, everyone agrees it was built by Herod…..even the Orthodox rabbis….

But let's go back to the New Testament for a second:

Religious Christians are upset when they come to Israel because Jesus told his disciples that "not one stone would be standing upon another" at the temple site, yet here is this giant wall which supposedly is the foundation of the temple.

So, naturally, they ask:

Did Jesus make a false prediction?

But, now let's look at the issue from the Jewish perspective. The Jews are saying the authors of the New Testament placed those words into the mouth of the character called: "Jesus" and there never was any prediction.

Okay, let's say for argument's sake that the Jews are correct. So, then why did people who were living in 90 A.D., who could clearly see the giant stones of the foundation wall standing upon one another, then place into the mouth of Jesus this prediction that there would NOT be any stones standing one upon another?

In other words: It would have been clear in 90 A.D. that if Jesus had made such a prediction, he was in-correct, so why record it in the New Testament and bring doubt upon the word of Jesus?

Therefore, since this "prediction" does indeed appear in the New Testament, and people living in 90 A.D. would have known the exact location of the temple, then, clearly, the site of the Kottel is NOT the site of the 2nd temple and, by implication, it is NOT the site of the 1st temple either.

In conclusion, Trump is a liar and a racist, Jared Kushner is a liar and a slumlord and the Orthodox rabbis are simply liars…..that is why they endorsed Trump and that is why so many Orthodox Jews STILL believe till this very day that Obama is a Muslim (i.e. birds of a feather, flock together)

Yet all rabbis are liars: Orthodox, Conservative and Reform

Soon it will be Passover. God commanded His people to tell the story of the Exodus. Moses is the central character of the Exodus story, yet Hagaddah does not mention Moses except in a short reference to a prayer, buried deep in the middle of the text….

BUT !!! the Haggadah does mention rabbi after rabbi after rabbi

Gee, I wonder why?

I mean: Rabbi Akiva wasn't in Egypt, was he?

This year, throw your Haggadah into the garbage and read the Passover story to your children straight from the Bible….without the lies of the rabbis

Because that is what the symbolism of bread without yeast means:

"The Torah without the lies of the rabbis"