'To Be Cut Off from One's People'

The problem with discussing: "The Five Books of Moses" in English is that many times what is written in English is not even close to what is actually written in Hebrew.

So, for example, most English translations of the Book of Genesis says that "Pontiphar" (the man who bought Joseph when he arrived in Egypt), was "captain of the guards" or something similar….

But, in Hebrew, it clearly says he was: "a cook"…..

Another, very significant, mistranslation is the first word of the Book of Genesis which appears as: "In the beginning…"  similar to the phrase: "in the beginning of time…."

BUT!!! That is not what is written, not even close.

The Hebrew word is pronounced: "Ber-ra-sheet" and the root of this word means: "head". Sometimes it is also translated as: "chief".

Thus, in the first line of Genesis we are NOT being told that "The beginning of time was 6,000 years ago and that was when the earth was created", which is clearly ridiculous; but rather the text is suggesting: "At the head of all things…." Or: "Of chief importance…"


This then brings us to the debate of: Who is a Jew?

and the assertions by the modern day rabbis that:

"Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not really Jewish".


Unfortunately the rabbis, as usual, have everything backwards.

The question we all should be asking is not:

"Why isn't Abraham, Isaac and Jacob like us?"

But rather:

"What have we done that we are no longer like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?"

Put another way: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had regular conversations with God, while men considered to be: "Giants of the Torah" such as: Akiva, The Rambam, The Rashi and Mendel Scheerenson never spoke with God.

Thus we must ask ourselves: What changes did these "Rabbinical Sages" make to the religion that caused the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob  to lose their direct connection to God?


So, while people may argue about the value of "the contributions" of each of these "scholars" to Judaism,  the undeniable result has been that we now have  two very distinct religions:

1)    The religion of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Samuel and Daniel etc., etc.


2)    Rabbinical Judaism in all its forms and manifestations (i.e. Reform, Conservative Orthodox etc...)

Of course, the rabbis like to claim that: "Moses was the first Jew", but

this is just total nonsense……

If Moses was the first Jew then why is he almost completely expunged from the Haggadah?


Moses was expunged because he is described as: "the servant of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob".

The rabbis don't want you to follow the teachings of the servant of God; they want you to follow THEIR teachings (i.e. Hillel is the first modern Jew and rabbis are his servant).

And I think it is important to remember here what God told Miriam and Aaron, just before he turned Miriam into a leper:
"Moses has even seen my form...."
So, ask yourself: Have any of the people who edited this year's version of the Hagaddah seen God's form?

Now the Bible doesn't really tell us all that much about the religion of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but let me just assure you that they did NOT light candles on the Sabbath….because God NEVER commanded anyone to light candles on the Sabbath….the rabbis commanded it…..

But, one thing we do know about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was that they spoke with God.

And, as we all can read in the Old Testament, other people also spoke with God for almost 1,700 years. Then something happened......

What exactly happened? Hillel and his fellow Pharisees started teaching a new law, an "Oral Law" which they insisted had been passed down from the original 70 leaders of the community who left Egypt with Moses. A law in which these teachers asserted that "the traditions of men" were equal to, and sometimes even superior to, the laws of God.

And just consider for a moment how preposterous their claims are:
Even today with all our technologies and eyewitness, we still cannot say for sure who killed President Kennedy a mere 55 years ago, yet the rabbis claim that they know exactly what happened on Mount Sinai 3,300 years ago !!!

Regardless, the strange thing about all these claims is that, just like modern day rabbis, these original 70 teachers ignored the teachings of Moses and refused to enter the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. As a result, they all died moving around from place to place in the Sinai desert.

So, if the original teachers of the Oral Law were all killed by God for not following Moses, then it seems a little stupid to follow the teachings of their fellow practitioners, doesn't it?

And, in addition to this, after the vast majority of the Orthodox Jewish community also died being moved around from place to place in Europe, it should have driven the point home, don't you think?


Let us now turn our attention to the circumcision ceremony and, in particular, on the mistranslated Hebrew word pronounced as: "nec-car-tah"

This word does NOT mean: "to cut off". This word comes from the root of the word for "foreigner" NOT the root of the verb: "to cut".

Therefore: what the Book of Genesis is saying is that the person who is not circumcised will be like a foreigner who lacks the ability to communicate directly with God.

But: How do we know this translation is correct?

Well, let's look at the language surrounding the circumcision procedure.

The Hebrew word used for: "foreskin" is actually the word for: "fruit which comes from a tree which is less than 3 years old".

Additionally, we are told that the circumcision is merely "a sign" that the conditions of the covenant have been accepted. And the Hebrew word used for "sign" actually means "a letter" as in: "a letter of the alphabet".

Then we have the covenant itself where it says that Abraham's son: Isaac will receive the land promised to his father, while Ishmael, his son via Hagar, will be the father of 12 princes….(this promise to Ishmael will be discussed in a different article).

And, as we all know, Isaac's inheritance is the land of Israel (which at that time was known as: Canaan)

Now, fruit comes from a tree and one of the trees spoken of in the Book of Genesis is: "The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil". In other words: "a tree" becomes a metaphor for "a source of knowledge". Following this logic: "fruit" would be a metaphor for "the knowledge itself" and "the land" would become a metaphor for: "a school of thought". In fact, even today, in universities around the world people ask: "What is your field of study?"

So, "the foreskin" which is described as: "fruit from an immature tree" would represent: "an idea or teaching from an undeveloped source".

Finally, chapter 17 of Genesis also speaks about "meat" which in Hebrew means: "religious teachings" (The "the Gospel of Mark" in Hebrew can be translated as: "The Meats of Mark").

Thus, as we mentioned earlier: Joseph arrived with a spice caravan and was sold to the cook of Pharoah….. Pontiphar realized that Joseph had a deep religious education (Joseph's knowledge is the meat) and this knowledge from Joseph would help Pontiphar "spice up" his religious discussions with Pharoah. Hence, the name Joseph means: "to add to".

So then: How can we wrap all this up into a tidy little conclusion?

God speaks to his servants; yet ideas that have not been well thought out (fruit from immature trees) blocks God's messages from reaching his people. Thus the circumcision ceremony or procedure is implying that if God's people will remove these "halve baked" ideas, then his people will be able to "hear" the messages coming from God in the same way that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob heard those messages.

Today, the rabbis confirm that Jews are NOT  following the same religious beliefs as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (i.e. they are following ideas from a different field of study).

As a result of these new teachings Jews, by their own admission, have not heard the word of God spoken for over 2,000 years….just about the time they started listening to the Pharisees….

The Books of Moses predicts that the Israelites would stop following God's teachings, they would be punished, yet they would continue not to follow God's teachings. Eventually, because they persist in not following God's teachings they would be expelled from their land. Then, even though they had been expelled from the land, they would still continue not to follow God's teachings and would be punished again and again and again each time more severely.

Read any history of the Jews and you will see these predictions , more or less, came to pass. Well, if the Jews were not following God's teachings, whose teachings were they following?

In other words: Whose teachings were the Jews following just before the destruction of the second temple? Then after the expulsion from the land whose teachings did the Jews continued to follow through out all the persecutions of the inquisitions, the pogroms and the holocaust???

Silly question isn't it ?

The Jews just before the destruction of the 2nd temple began to follow the teachings of the Pharisees. Then during the Middle Ages they began to refer to Pharisees only as rabbis and, eventually the Jews of Europe follow the teachings of the rabbis and established "great" centers of learning in Vilna or wherever……and those Jews died

American Jews also follow the teachings of their rabbis who say that it is not necessary to live in Israel. These rabbis teach that "One can live 'a full Jewish life' in America…."

Even more , the rabbis go on to teach that it was NOT God's divine protection which insured the survival of the Jews during the time of the expulsion. Oh no, it was the traditions and teachings of the rabbis that insured the survival of the community.

Just like it was a force of 100,000 rabbis which hit the beaches at Normandy and then went on to liberate the Jews from the concentration camps throughout Europe…..

So, let us remember what the circumcision ceremony/procedure is trying to accomplish.

It clearly says that a foreign born slave must be circumcised and, the law says that uncircumcised individuals cannot participate in the Passover Seder.

But, that does not mean the slaves have become Jews…because Ishmael was circumcised and he was not a Jew….and Abraham's other sons were also circumcised, yet were sent away.

So then, circumcision has something to do with being able to hear God's word and to understand His words….

Let's think about this in relation to the land itself:

The Books of Moses teach that when men "cultivate" land they are, in fact, enslaving the land. Hence, the concept of the 7 year "Sabbatical" of resting the land and giving it a temporary respite from its bondage. What is extremely interesting here is that this 7th year "freeing of the land" is the basis of the 7 year Sabbatical for university lecturers! Thus, once again, reinforcing the previously mentioned connection between land and education.


In other words: A university lecturer is: "a slave of the university" who is compelled to teach what the university tells him to teach and to follow the guidelines and regulations of the university. Yet, every 7th year he or she is free to go out into the world and study whatever interests them.

Thus, a slave of a descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in order to successfully carry out his function, must also be able to hear God's word. Accordingly, it is necessary to circumcise him and remove the previous teachings and beliefs which would prevent him from following those words.

Therefore, this implies that the teaching of the Passover story is very important and that only one who is circumcised has the ability to correctly understand the meaning of the story. Yet the rabbis don't teach the Passover story in the Haggadah, they teach "the wisdom of the sages" and recite "traditional" stories like "the 4 sons" or sing "traditional songs"….





Therefore, the 17th chapter of Genesis is teaching us that those who do not remove the fruit from the undeveloped trees will have a soul similar to that of a foreign born person, a soul which cannot hear God's words.....actually, they can hear them, but they cannot understand them....

And this is why the Jews of Europe a hundred years ago could not hear the call beckoning them to return to God's land….

Even worse than this, the few Orthodox who did survive and arrived in Israel were STILL too stiff necked to see the error of their ways and once again began to set up the same corrupting system of religious schools that dominated Europe.

In the exact same way, the Jews in the USA today are equally unable to hear this call. No matter what happens, they will stubbornly continue to follow the teachings of their rabbis who insist there is no need to live in Israel…

American Jews are just like the 600,000 plus Israelites listen to the leaders of their communities and not to Moses….And they are just like the Jews of Europe who listened to the leaders of their communities and not to Herzl, Weizmann and Jabotinsky. Now the Jews of the USA and Canada are listening to their leaders who insist it is possible to live a full Jewish life in North America and their is no need to live in the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.…After all, "those three" weren't even Jewish !!!

So, in conclusion:

Yes, it is possible to follow the religion of Hillel in America, but not the religion of those who worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob….
Who are you going to listen to?
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?
Or: To the traditions of the rabbis?