Videogames: Who are the Players?

The Videogame sector, measured by time spent and revenue, is at a cross-platform, all-time high. However, there are winners and losers, with much of this growth coming via mobile and social platforms and at the expense of traditional console games. According to Anita Frazier, Videogame analyst at NPD, US consumers shelled out more than $1.17 billion last month on digital and physical games. Mobile has seen the greatest growth, with analytics provider Flurry estimating that in Q1, 2012, games accounted for 31% of mobile minutes of usage, the most for any category. Making sense of this crowded sector is an industry value chain from NY-based investment bank, Luma Partners. Based on the growing proportion of consumer time and money flowing toward games this year, expect to see substantial M&A activity in the videogames sector next year.