Will an attack on Israel be viewed as an attack on the US?

Israel is now surrounded by Arab and other Muslim nations who believe this is the moment when they can finally destroy the Jewish state.  They tried and failed to conquer Israel in five different wars since 1948.  They are still trying.
Since the “Arab Spring” revolts in the Arab heartland of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria, opinion-makers in the Western world have sought to glamorize those revolutions by comparing them to those by which eastern European countries freed themselves from Communist regimes imposed on them by the Soviet Union.
So when the uprisings took place against the existing repressive Arab governments, the media labeled the various revolutions the ”Arab Spring.”  That title was intended to convey that finally, the Arabs, heretofore stuck in medieval times, had come out of those dark ages and were now to be applauded and welcomed to the western world.
Some observers, including myself, have voiced great concern about the blind support in the west, particularly in our government, for the Arab revolutionary movements everywhere.  In my view, it was harmful to our own – the US – national security needs to throw the President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak under the bus by demanding his removal as President Obama did.  Yes, he was a despot, described as an authoritarian in a world of Muslim dictatorships, but he believed in keeping good relations with the US and keeping the peace with Israel established back in 1978 by Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin at Camp David. 
Those who overthrew him have made clear that their intention is to end that peace.  The forces that are dominant in Egypt today are the military, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists.  The goal of the military is to preserve their special niche as the principal governing power.  The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist factions are the strongest politically and most organized of all the civilian groups vying for power in the next presidential election.
As a result of the recent occupation and sacking of the Israeli embassy in Cairo while Egyptian police and army stood by, in my opinion, we know that the current interim Egyptian government has decided to cast aside peace with Israel and go with the Islamists.  The Times of September 11th reported, “Egyptian military and security police officers largely stood by without interfering with the demolition.  Instead, they clustered at the entrance to the embassy to keep protesters out.  The security forces had pulled back from Tahrir Square and other areas before the start of the day to avoid clashes with the protesters, although the military had issued a stern warning on its Facebook page against property destruction.”  The Israeli ambassador, his family and other Israeli officials were forced to flee the embassy in fear of their lives.  Because of the entreaties of President Obama to the Egyptian government, they were saved from violence and permitted to board Israeli jets to go home to Israel.
And what of the situation with Turkey?  Once a friend of Israel, it now has an Islamist government led by its Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has issued a statement tantamount to a declaration of war.  The Times reported on September 10th, “The prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, told Al Jazeera, the pan-Arab network, that he would use his warships to prevent Israeli commandos from again boarding a Gaza-bound ship as they did last year, killing nine passengers, and from letting Israel exploit natural gas resources at sea.” 
While the United Nations, not normally a defender of Israel, recently issued a report that Israel had a right to blockade Gaza so as to prevent weapons from being brought into the Gaza Strip, now governed by Hamas, Turkey has rejected the report, and expelled the Israeli ambassador.  Hamas has declared that it is at war with Israel, and that if it is ever in a position to do so, it will expel every Jew living in Israel who came to Palestine after 1917, and will use violence to achieve its goals.  It has intentionally killed innocent civilians, sending thousands of rockets into southern Israel or allowing other terrorist groups to do so.
In addition to Hamas on its southern border, Israel is now facing an increasingly hostile Egypt, with an army of nearly one million and a population of 81 million.  To Israel’s north is not only hostile Lebanon and Syria, but now Turkey with an army of one million and a population of 73 million.
It is also disturbing that there is a rising tide of Jew-hatred in Great Britain and in France.  In Great Britain, that hatred was recently demonstrated by those who called themselves artists, who disrupted a concert by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta in London on September 1st.  The police arrested no one who for a time prevented the audience of 5,000 from enjoying the evening.  No speaker supporting Israel is permitted to speak at British universities.  They are not invited or hooted down if invited.
France is working with the Palestinians to achieve their admission to the United Nations General Assembly.  Israel’s only apparent defender on the European continent is Germany because of the continuous ongoing support of Israel by Chancellor Angela Merkel.  I met and heard Chancellor Merkel in 2004 when I attended in Berlin the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) conference on rising anti-Semitism, when I served as chairman of the US delegation.  I was impressed by the depths of her sincerity in denouncing anti-Semitism and recognizing the depravity of the German nation under Hitler in its efforts to exterminate world Jewry.
The Muslim nations are undoubtedly licking their chops at what they would do if they were ever to be successful in defeating Israel on the battlefield or at the UN which is prepared to serve as the site of today’s Munich.  If Assad of Syria is willing to kill innocent men, women and children in the streets and cities in Syria, what do you think he would do if his soldiers patrolled Tel Aviv?
The Arab countries’ threats to destroy Israel, a nation with a total population of 7.7 million, including 1.2 million Muslims, is not receiving front page coverage or denunciations from NATO nation leaders.  The revolutionaries making up the “Arab Spring” are lauded by the opinion-makers here in the US and even more so in Europe.
This past Sunday, we commemorated in New York City, Washington, DC and Shanksville, Pennsylvania the deaths of more than 3,000 innocent civilians on 9/11, committed by Islamic terrorists whose supporters run into the millions and are now located in at least 62 countries.  Our NATO allies never supported the US to the extent they promised when we invaded Afghanistan to punish the Afghan government for providing a refuge for al-Qaeda, which perpetrated the 9/11 atrocities and many others.  In my judgment, as harsh as it sounds, many of those NATO countries, including Britain and France, would deliver the Jewish nation into the hands of their putative murderers if it gave them “peace in our time,” just as Chamberlain gave Czechoslovakia to the Nazis.  Are we willing here in the US to continue to fight for our precious liberties and support countries like Israel having the same moral and cultural values?
We in America, led by President Obama and Congress, must make it absolutely clear to the Islamist terrorists that we will never surrender.  We will hunt them down as we did their leader, Osama bin Laden, and kill them.
The US is Israel’s only friend and ally.  It is not foolish or premature to ask what will the US do when and if the Muslim nations surrounding Israel, this time led by Egypt and Turkey, supported by others, assault the Jewish nation?  Will the President and the Congress come to its aid?  Shouldn’t Israel know now?  Shouldn’t the Muslim nations know?
I urge the President and the Congress to do for Israel what President Kennedy did during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.  President Kennedy said “It shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation in the Western Hemisphere as an attack by the Soviet Union on the United States, requiring a full retaliatory response upon the Soviet Union.”