Biden’s Illusion

Rampant Palestinianism has led the Vice President of the United States, who ought to know better, to lecture 18,000 American supporters of Israel at AIPAC on the necessity of injecting a virulently hostile Arab Muslim nation-state deep into the heart of Israel.
No, Joe Biden didn’t put it that way. Instead the charming (and proven) friend of Israel spoke warily of the dangers of the alternative – the ominous threat of collapse of the only Jewish country under the weight of Arab population growth. He chided the sides to “take risks”, as if Oslo was not risked, leading subsequently to the endless blood-letting of Jews at the hands of Arab “martyrs”; as if withdrawal lock, stock and barrel from Gaza was not risked, leading subsequently to its Islamo-fascist rocket-firing regime; as if the training and arming of a Palestinian security force was not risked, yielding an on-going threat of turning its guns around towards Jews.
No, he didn’t put it that way. Instead he protested that “acts of revenge must stop”, leaving unexplained what was avenged, by whom and how. He denounced Palestinian leadership for not condemning acts of terror but failed to mention Palestinian indoctrination of school children in blood-libel hatred of Jews. He criticized Bibi Netanyahu’s settlement policy in the West Bank, stating that this too must stop if there is to be peace.
This twenty-first Arab state is to be launched at a time when the dominant geo-political movement in the Arab world is savagely erasing nation-states and pushing a 7th-century uber-religious autocracy on the whole of the Middle East.
New Palestine, as if there ever were an old, would ethnically cleanse all Jews from within her borders, eliminate Israeli defensive presence beyond the coastal plain, and shrink what’s left of Israel’s waistline to about fourteen miles, dominated by advanced hostile military forces martialed menacingly on the high ground above. In other words, Israel would become indefensible in the face of already explicit genocidal threats – from Gaza to Iran – to erase her from the map and set right this despicable stain on history. Two states, anyone?
No, he didn’t put any of this recipe for Jewish national suicide in any way at all reflective of the inevitable blood bath that would ensue from taking further “risks” for “peace”.
Palestinian mythology holds that Israel was created in 1948 by force upon ancient, peaceful Palestine; that the indigenous population was driven by force from their homes and land; and that this nakba, this tragedy, was compounded in 1967 by further conquest by force of what was left of ancient, peaceful Palestine including holy Al Quds (Jerusalem) and Al Aksa (Temple Mount). Palestinianism maintains overtly (to the West) that Israeli settlement in “occupied territories” is illegal aggression yet covertly (to the Arabs) that “occupied Palestine” means all of Israel.
Unexplained in Palestinian mythology is that ancient Israel pre-dates “Palestine” by millennia; that “Palestine” was the name imposed by the Roman Empire conquest of ancient Israel; that the then remaining Jewish population was conquered by Islam in the seventh century; that the British Mandate occupation employed the name “Palestine” until Israel was reborn; why the supposedly indigenous Palestinian people lack an indigenous name; that Arab immigration for work exceeded Jewish immigration for Zionism; that the Arab invasion of reborn Israel led to Arab population loss; that an equal number of Jews were driven from Arab countries; that Jerusalem, the Jewish capital, and Temple Mount, Judaism’s most holy site, pre-date Muslim occupation by fifteen hundred years; and that the international norm in armed conflict between states allows the victorious power to legally settle ceded land.
For peace, Palestinians must take risks by accepting Israeli principles.
One: Israel has a right to exist, exactly where she is; reborn Israel was colonial “Palestine”, not the other way round.
Two: “Palestine” is not “occupied”. Ancient Jewish Judea and Samaria are legal Israeli territories until she determines their final status. Jerusalem is Israel’s, alone.
Three: The Jews are the indigenous people. They may live anywhere in Israel, including in Judea and Samaria.
Four: Nobody is pushing Islam off Temple Mount.
Five: The Arabs attacked and lost. To lose means to lose something.
Six: He who terrorizes loses the right to speak.
Biden’s lecture was based entirely on Palestinian illusions. That which he so touchingly retold from Golda Meir as Israel’s secret weapon for survival – “We have no place else to go” – he would leave useless. Israel would be faced with Holocaust.
Two states? No thanks.