Nothing to Do with Islam

From politically-correct America on down, the West insists that acknowledged terrorist organizations, such as ISIS and al-Qaida, are aberrant radical ideologies that pervert and exploit Islam, a religion of peace.
These sadistic extremists form but a tiny minority; care must be taken to forestall Islamo-phobic backlash in any response to extremism’s horrific modi operandi. The gates for innocent Muslim refugees must be kept wide open to Europe and must be further opened to America. It is, after all, who we are. It is the Christian thing to do.
Meanwhile, now-officially-moderate Iran, to support Palestine, hosts the Second Holocaust International Cartoon Exhibition savaging Israel’s soldiers, re-invigorating time-honored anti-Semitic traditions of venal caricatures of all things Jewish, and co-opting and diminishing the systematic murder of six million Jews.
The contest awards tens of thousands of dollars in prizes and includes grotesqueness from fifty countries. It opens on Nakba (Tragedy) Day, when Arabs and leftists bemoan Israel’s 1948 rebirth, decrying what resulted from the multi-country Arab invasion’s failure to destroy Israel and kill off the Jewish population – instead, it was the Arabs who lost. Such are the wages of war.
The opening remarks of the contest’s organizer, Massoud Tabatabai, merit attention. “We are not interested in deriding the victims of the Holocaust – but the word “holocaust” means mass murder and we now witness the bigger mass murder in Gaza and Palestine at the hands of the Zionist regime.” So you see – Jews are Nazis.
Benjamin Netanyahu excoriates Iranian intentions, recognizing in her support for Hezbollah’s savages and their one-hundred-thousand rockets, and in her insatiable drive for nuclear-tipped long-range missiles, a deep desire to obliterate Israel, a.k.a. Holocaust Redux. See ISIS in Syria for a preview in miniature of what the Palestinians, Hezbollah and Iran would do to the Jews. Slaves anyone?
In 1964, in adopting its national charter, the Palestine Liberation Organization determined to liberate Palestine, by which it had to mean Israel herself – since Israel was at that time completely situated outside what is now called the Green Line. Despite the West’s illusion that “occupied Palestine” means only the west bank, this version of Palestine did not become a target for “liberation” until after the 1967 war when Israel foiled another massive Arab genocidal attempt, ending Jordan’s occupation of the west bank and reuniting Jerusalem.
All over the world, from Paris to Timbuktu, the liberation of Palestine is cause célèbre premiere – except that it has nothing to do with liberating Palestine.
At Palestinian instigation, with French support, UNESCO dissociates Judaism’s connections to her holiest sites in Jerusalem and anoints them with a fabricated Islamic narrative. French insistence on an international conference to impose the “proper” solution to the contradiction between Israel’s existence and Palestinian demands would be hysterically funny were it not for Tabatabai’s additional statement that the Iranian cartoon exhibition is the reasonable response to the West’s degrading caricatures of the prophet Mohammed. In other words, the real beneficiary of the Holocaust Cartoon Exhibition is Islam, since Jewish Israel, which alone stands in the way of a repeat of the Nazi horrors, is considered the worst thing to happen to Islam since the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem.
Palestinians and their supporters shout down pro-Israel speakers on college campuses, chanting “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”. Of Jews, that is. With French arrogance promising that the west bank will fall into Palestinian hands, slicing Israel in two becomes much simpler.
Perhaps consistency demands a long-overdue re-evaluation of Christianity’s presumed responsibility for the Crusades. Clearly violent extremists with a primitive medieval mindset perverted the gentle religion and abused it for territorial and personal gain.
The Inquisition likewise must be reconsidered. For was this hell-on-earth not the doing of a tiny radical minority in deviation from the peaceful mainstream, whose multitudes wanted no more than to simply live, seeing to their families’ daily needs?
Blaming all Christians for these historical lows exposes volatile bigotry. Neither the Crusades nor the Inquisition had anything to do with Christianity. Such abhorrent on-going distortions of history taught in our educational institutions must be reformed. Universities must hold scholarly workshops to enlighten the public to the unbridled and widespread dangers of Christo-phobia. 
Israel’s obliteration, from the river to the sea – not liberating “Palestine” – is the true cause célèbre. Islam's honor is at stake, not Palestinian statehood.
It has everything to do with Islam. For Islamic honor has been affronted, nothing less, and Israeli existence is apparently the greatest stain.