6 months after firebomb attack on home, Nigerian deported

Over six months after he and his wife were targeted by a firebomb-wielding Israeli that scorched the daycare center they ran in south Tel Aviv, a Nigerian man was deported back home on an early morning flight on Wednesday.
Austin Akachukneu’s wife, Blessing, said that over the past three weeks he had gone back and forth for meetings with Interior Ministry officials to renew his work visa, which had expired a few months ago.
She said he was also planning to undergo eye surgery next week to repair an eye that was gouged out in Nigeria during an attack in his village shortly before he came to Israel with Blessing three years ago.
Many Nigerians avoid deportation by hiding from government officials when they get notice that their visa has expired. Austin was arrested when he came forward to try to renew his visa through the standard channels.
On Wednesday morning he left the country with barely a chance to say goodbye to his wife or their two children, Blessing said.