97.5% of votes in south Sudan capital favor secession

About 97.5 percent of the population in the Sudanese town of Juba, which may become the world's newest national capital, voted for independence, according to preliminary results from the vote quoted by AFP on Wednesday.
There were 211,018 votes cast for independence from the largely Christian, African region against just 3,650 votes for continued unity with the largely Arab, Muslim north, AFP reported.
Full initial results from some of the south's 10 states showed victories for secession, pulling in as high as 99% of the vote.
In one state, the Lakes state which once served as a rebel headquarters during the 1983-2005 civil war with the north, 298,216 of the 300,444 of the ballots case were in favor of independence, 99.924 percent of the total, according to AFP.