Amnesty International: We'll help Schalits in any way we can

Amnesty International responded Thursday to Noam Schalit’s call for the group to pressure Hamas to release his son Gilad, who has been held in Gaza since June 2006.
In a written response, Itai Epstein, head of Amnesty International’s Israel branch, expressed his “empathy” to Schalit and his family for the “difficult situation they are in.”
Epstein said he “sincerely hopes you will see your son Gilad soon,” and pledged that Amnesty International would continue to help the family in any way it could.
He stressed that the organization had on “many occasions” raised its concern about Schalit’s condition to Hamas officials.
In a letter he wrote to Amnesty on Wednesday, Noam Schalit had said, “I expect Amnesty International to use its high-profile international status to ensure that whenever it has reason to contact any high ranking official of the Hamas organization, it calls for Gilad’s immediate release."