Analyst: Jordan tries to stay out of Qatar feud

Jordan will try to stay out of the Qatar-GCC feud despite its recent downgrading of diplomatic ties with Qatar on the second day of the crisis’ outbreak, said a Jordanian political analyst on Monday.
Although the kingdom followed other Gulf states' example to isolate Qatar in the region in order to "preserve regional stability", as stated by the Jordanian government' s spokesman Mohammed al Momani, it actually does not want to be involved in the crisis and the decision is a choice between bad and worse, according to Labib Qamhawi, a Jordanian political expert on Middle East affairs.
"Jordan is not a member of the GCC, which is the Gulf Corporation Council. And they'd rather not be involved in, but they cannot. And they wanted to, most importantly, to appease Saudi Arabia, to make sure that the Saudis are not upset. So they were looking to do the bare minimum that will be acceptable. Jordan will not interfere while not try to mediate. It is too complex," said Qamhawi.
The Qatar feud will develop from a dispute between the Gulf states to an issue likely to change the balance between the powers in the region, according to Qamhawi.
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