Lapid agrees to compromise proposal presented by Herzog

Opposition leader Yair Lapid agreed to a compromise proposal presented by President Isaac Herzog on Sunday which would see the government freezing judicial reform legislation for 15 months, as confirmed by Lapid. 

Herzog is expected to meet with National Unity party head Benny Gantz later in the evening. According to Lapid, the only hurdle remaining is a refusal by the Likud to freeze the legislation for more than three months.

Lapid stated, “I met this evening with President Herzog upon his return to Israel. We share a deep concern regarding the situation in the country and understand that it is our duty to make every effort to secure an agreement for the people of Israel.

"The principles presented to me by the President match the principles which we have committed to: protection of the gatekeepers, preventing the split amongst the people and a reasonability clause which doesn’t harm our democracy.

"Without the strength and commitment of the protests it wouldn’t be possible," he continued. "Without hundreds of thousands of people who went out to the streets, the legislation would have continued unabated. I will do everything in my power to achieve a broad agreement to secure a strong and democratic Israel."