'First terror drill at US nuclear plant a success'

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The first simulated test of a terrorist attack on a US nuclear power plant was a success, federal officials said on Friday of the event that was coincidentally scheduled a day after the Boston Marathon bombing on Monday.
The test's location at Three Mile Island outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - the site of the worst commercial nuclear accident in US history - had no special significance, according to state and federal officials.
The test on Tuesday simulated an attack by a group of eight armed men, according to Peter Herrick Jr., spokesman for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
In November 2011, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission required that the country's 65 nuclear power plants test their preparedness for terrorist incidents every two years.
The next 16 months were spent planning the challenge, and the simulation was put to the test for the first time on Tuesday at Three Mile Island, said Steve Barr, a preparedness inspector with the commission.