German Islam convert regrets planning attack against US targets

The youngest member of an alleged radical Islamic terrorist cell whose plot to attack US targets in Germany was foiled by authorities testified Wednesday he would not repeat his actions. Daniel Schneider, a 23-year-old German convert to Islam, told the court he was relieved to have been arrested along with three other alleged cell members in 2007 and said that he now believes such an attack would be harmful to Islam. "Today, I would not make the decision to fight holy war," Schneider said. Schneider, along with Fritz Gelowicz and Adem Yilmaz, both 29, and Attila Selek, 23, are suspected of operating as a German cell of the radical Islamic Jihad Union. They face charges of plotting bombing attacks in Germany against American citizens and facilities across the country. Though no pleas are entered under the German trial system, all four men accused in the plot have decided to confess, hoping to mitigate their sentences.