Halutz: It's irresponsible to talk too much about Iran

Former IDF chief of General Staff Dan Halutz criticized the US and Israeli security and political establishments for "talking too much" about a possible strike on Iran.
"The fact that senior officials in the security establishment drop fragments of information every once in a while is irresponsible," Halutz said in an interview with Army Radio on Monday.
The former Air Force commander also discussed the possibility of Israeli and US interests coming into conflict, saying that Israeli interests "do not need to be sacrificed for US interests" in situations critical to Israel's security. However, he added, the United States is Israel's only long-term ally "and we need to do everything possible in order to avoid a clash [with Washington]."
With that in mind, Halutz said, Israel is waiting to see the effectiveness of international sanctions against Iran without taking any options off the table.