Haniyeh after Gaza flare-up: The resistance has made its statement

“Haniyeh should find a new office before he starts bragging,” an Israeli official said in response.

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh next to his destroyed office (REUTERS/Handout) (photo credit: HANDOUT/REUTERS)
Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh next to his destroyed office (REUTERS/Handout)
(photo credit: HANDOUT/REUTERS)
"The resistance has made its statement and Israel understood the message," Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas, said in response after a flare up in tensions between Israel and Gaza, according to Ynet news. "I bless all the sides that helped to end the Zionist arrogance against the Gaza Strip.”
Land Day this Saturday will include massive protests marking one year since the beginning of the March of Return protests. Referencing the upcoming protests, Haniyeh said: "I call on all the Palestinian people, inside, outside, and in the West Bank to go out on Land Day and to join in the million man march [March of Return]."
Haniyeh’s comments come after a round of fighting, which began when a Gazan rocket hit a house in the Sharon north of Tel Aviv on Monday. During the fighting, Haniyeh’s offices were destroyed by an IDF attack which also targeted multiple other buildings, including a secret Hamas HQ.
“The Palestinian issue is under attack at various levels in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, as well as against prisoners in Israeli jails,” a Hamas official said in response to the recent flare-up. “Jerusalem unites us, the prisoners unite us, the West Bank unites us and the 'March of Return' unites us. We will not surrender to any breach by Israel of the red lines.”
Haniyeh’s comments received prompt responses from Israeli officials. “Haniyeh should find a new office before he starts bragging,” one Israeli official told Ynet news in response to Haniyeh’s comments.
On Tuesday night, Avichay Adraee, who is in charge of the IDF’s social media in the Arab world, teased Haniyeh in a social media post, saying "When you arrive at the location that used to be your headquarters, look right, look left," Maariv reported.
"Is it right to endanger the lives of the residents of the Gaza Strip? Are Yehya Snowar and Mohammed Deif putting you in a place that neither you nor the residents of Gaza want to be?" Adraee continued. "Don't forget to let us know where your new office is."
The IDF on Tuesday attacked dozens of targets in the Gaza Strip, including a number of compounds belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization throughout the strip. Weapons tunnels, military posts and rocket launching sites were all attacked as well as Haniyeh’s office.
On Tuesday night, Israeli fighter jets struck several targets in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis, including a military compound and a weapons manufacturing site belonging to Hamas, the military said.
Two rockets were fired towards Ashkelon on Wednesday after the IDF’s attacks in Gaza. No injuries or damage were reported.