IDF uncovers serious security lapses in bases in the South

Serious security lapses were discovered in IDF bases near the Gaza Strip when members of the army's data security unit succeeded in penetrating the bases without difficulty, photograph classified maps and even uncover material characterized as "highly classified." According to an Army Radio report, the discovery of the security failures prompted the Southern Division to step up its security regulations. Several soldiers were also court-martialed and sentenced to prison terms. The most blatant violations of security regulations were reportedly revealed at the Kerem Shalom base, where representatives of the data security unit succeeded in receiving the clearance to access the computers and peruse sensitive and classified material. In addition, members of the data security unit succeeded in penetrating an army base near the Sufa crossing, and posts in Nahal Oz and Kissufim. The IDF spokesman was quoted by the report as saying that the test was part of the routine of the Southern Command. According to the army, the lapses were in the process of being corrected, with data protection procedures being refreshed.