Jerusalem school to be named after late educator

The Jerusalem City Council approved the naming of a school in Givat Mordechai after late educator Ben-Tzion Nemet Thursday night, to honor his work near the anniversary of his death in May 2011.
Nemet, a Jerusalem resident who died at age 49, served as the director of the Education Administration for four years, after working as the deputy director of the Noam-Tzvia Religious Educational Network. 
“The late Ben-Tzion Nemet did much to promote education, especially by creating connections between sectors in different parts of the city,” said Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat. “[He believed that] there is more than one truth, and that truth is scattered in many places and is a range of opinions that only at the end gives the full picture.”
 Barkat added that Nemet’s philosophy led him to formulate the plan for “Mosaic Jerusalem,” which sought to recognize the diverse cultures within Jerusalem to aid students in creating greater connections between the different populations.
Following the approval by the City Council, the request will be sent for passage to Dalit Stauber, director-general of the Education Ministry, and the ministry’s manager for the Jerusalem District.