Jewish activists to hold leadership conference in Sweden

Jewish activists will meet in Sweden on Wednesday for a four-day conference aimed at cultivating Jewish leadership in Europe. The gathering, organized by JPropel, will also touch on racism and bigotry, issues which came to fore earlier this month in neighboring Norway where a rightist gunman killed 77 people in a bombing and shooting rampage.
“In the shadow of the horrific massacre in Norway, JPropel shines a light on European Jewish initiatives which combat racism by reviving the spirit and culture of its victims,” said ROI Community Executive Director Justin Korda.
“We are proud to join our European partners in rekindling the Jewish flame by supporting and nurturing European Jewish innovators who are remaking the Jewish world in their own image.”
JPropel is a joint initiative of  JHub, Paideia and ROI Community to fostering a  new generation of European Jewish leaders.