Latest accusations hurt Cain with US Republicans - poll

WASHINGTON - Forty percent of US Republicans view presidential candidate Herman Cain less favorably after watching a video in which a woman accuses him of groping her in a car, according to Reuters/Ipsos poll results released on Tuesday.
Thirty-nine percent said they believe that the assertions by Sharon Bialek, which Cain has flatly denied, are true.
Bialek said on Monday that Cain made a crude sexual advance toward her in 1997 when he headed the National Restaurant Association.
The findings are from an online survey of 462 Republican registered voters on Nov. 7 and 8. Survey respondents were shown a video of Bialek making her allegations.
Cain, a former pizza company executive, has led many opinion polls in the race to become the Republican nominee to face President Barack Obama, a Democrat, in next year's election.